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Monday, June 12, 2017

Non Centrefold Venus of the Month 44: Jeannie Butler, April 1979

Here is a lady I have been meaning to feature for a long time; Jeannie Butler, photographed by John Copeland in his third pictorial for Penthouse.  This was a notably explicit set for Penthouse at the time, as we shall see,

Jeannie also appears on the cover of this, the April 1979, issue in the same soft,  feminine boudoir outfit she wears in the opening picture of her pictorial.

It says a lot for Penthouse at this time that they could dedicate the first double page spread to pictures of hot air balloons, which only included a couple of clothed pictures of Jeannie. 

A few more outdoor pictures include a rare behind the scenes one and a couple which show of Jeannie's luxuriant hair.

Here we have Jeannie in a striped shirt posing in a very typical Penthouse breast cupping shot.  The text of the pictorial said that she was twenty year old and studying at UCLA.

Copeland presents a lovely sequence of Butler slipping out of her cover outfit, with all the dangling laces helping the images no end.  The fact that her hair is up in an ornate chignon adds to the image of sophistication here too.

This pictorial contained a lot of pictures, although many of them were quite small.  It also had Jeannie wearing a number of different outfits, which only appeared in one or two shots, such as this one of her in a blue robe.

In this one she is wearing a striking red outfit, which didn't appear in any other pictures in the magazine (unlike the white stockings).

This is the only photograph in the magazine pictorial of Jeannie wearing a hat and some denims with braces.

A red suspender belt makes an appearance in these shots as she spreads her long, slim thighs for the first time. A tantalising half smile in the one above, as well.  Her trim waist, in what Penthouse claimed was a 36-22-36 figure, is very apparent here.

The rest of her pictures in the magazine feature her in and out, to varying degrees, of white lingerie and usually wearing white stockings, although not always, as in the one above.

 The final shots from her magazine pictorial are notable for the sheer number of spread legs shots.  it wasn't just that, however, which made this pictorial noteworthy but the fact that Jeannie is touching herself in all these photos.  This was the strongest faux masturbation set that Penthouse had come up with to date.

In very un-Penthouse like fashion,Jeannie also uses her fingers to spread her labia, in the manner of a Hustler pictorial of the time.  There had been other pussy touching pictures in Penthouse pictorials (especially in 1978) but there had never been so many in just one set before.

But in this one John Copeland trumps them all, as Jeannie clearly inserts her finger into her vaginal entrance, begging the question when does faux masturbation become actual masturbation?  She wasn't the first girl to do this in the pages of Penthouse; that was Suzanne Saxon in October 1976's issue.  Suzanne's picture was only a quarter of a page, however, not the large, across two pages presentation by Jeannie.  It would be many years before Penthouse risked this again.

Time to look at some outtakes of Jeannie. Some feature some locations which weren't in the original magazine pictorial, such as these stairs.  The red sun visor didn't appear in the magazine, either, perhaps because they decided the more boudoir look was preferable.  It certainly hasn't dated as much as the visor!

This is another location that didn't appear in the magazine.  Perhaps, again, the bathroom was deemed too modern,  These shots certainly demonstrate very well how Jeannie was very slim but busty, at the same time.

None of these shots, or any like them, of Jeannie in the bath appeared in the magazine either.  I enjoy a lady in the bath and the one immediately above is particularly nice.

In contrast, this shot is a variant of one which did appear in the pictorial as Jeannie most effectively spills out of her tiny denim shorts.

Like the one in the denim shorts, these all appear to have been shot in a barn as Jeannie sprawls, legs spread, in the straw.  There was one picture in the main pictorial featuring the same backdrop which is almost, but not quite, identical to the one immediately above.

Jeannie's stockings don't reach very far up her thighs which may indicate that she has quite long legs.   The text accompanying the pictorial doesn't give her height but she looks quite tall.

The final selection are all about that assertively displayed pussy and the lingering fingers. Copeland's Penthouse pictorials were often rather stronger than other regular photographers efforts for the magazine at the time and he certainly coaxed a sensuous performance from Jeannie Butler.


  1. Thank you for this profile! These images are really beautiful and natural, breathtaking and dignified! I hope Jeannie Butler is doing well.

  2. Remember Jeannie's hot layout from my HS days, all great curves and legs - If it is true Jeannie went to UCLA, my daughter attends there now yikes-trust she won't follow Jeannie with a layout!

  3. Splendid! Many thanks for these superb pictures. She is very lovely indeed.