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Friday, May 12, 2017

The Chronicles of Triple P: 1980: Fighting, Sulking and Provocative Beahviour

K and C's staircase at college

I have just posted the next episode of my erotic recollections in The Chronicles of Triple P, here.

Although it is less than three weeks since I posted my last Chronicle it picked up a large number of views very quickly, overtaking some much older posts. I decided to get the next chronicle published, partly because of this and partly because it really forms part two of the preceding account.

More pertinently, this one extensively features K; C and my best friend at College.  I don't keep in touch with C anymore but K does. I know this because, completely coincidentally, just after I posted the last episode K got in touch with me.  We hadn't communicated for ten years and I haven't seen her for twenty.  This was a lovely surprise (we had lost each other's emails but she found mine in an old address book), we have been happily sending emails to each other ever since and plan to meet up again in London in the next month or so.  In many ways my relationship with her was much more complex than it was with C but K was a lovely, life enhancing girl.

Amazingly, ten days later I was contacted by another girl I interacted with when I was at College.  I haven't seen her for 35 years! She will appear in a forthcoming episode.

This is my longest Chronicle so far, at over 10,000 words but I couldn't think of a way of splitting it in an appropriate place.  Much of the detail comes from a letter I wrote to my old girlfriend A.  However, I spilled ink over it while re-filling my fountain pen. so didn't send it (I had to write it out again) but kept it anyway, thankfully.


  1. You certainly had a very uninhibited girlfriend. K was way more like the girls I knew and, also, more like how I behaved myself. I find your story intriguing!

    1. At College there seemed to be two sorts of women: those whose attitudes I was expecting (as you suggest) and those who wanted to try everything, given they were away from home for the first time (very much C's view - she had set herself the task of losing her virginity before she was nineteen). At this age (they are about eighteen or nineteen)I found a great deal of difference between girls who were more girlish in attitude and those who had become women. It wasn't always related to age (C was only eighteen at this point) but, on the whole, those who had had a year off (private school people) and had worked in the real world were more sexually comfortable.