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Friday, February 10, 2017

The Chronicles of Triple P 1979: Bricks, Tea and Other Girls

I have just posted the next episode of my erotic recollections, in The Chronicles of Triple P here.  Two other colleges feature in this installment, firstly the Victorian brick edifice of Keble College (above).  My sister applied to Keble but didn't get in.  I had told her if she had applied to my College she would have, as they traditionally favoured siblings but she insisted on being independent).  This changed her whole life, as she went to Bristol University instead where she was recruited into a secretive organisation which led to a very exciting working life indeed.

The second college to appear is New College (founded in 1379, of course).  Situated on Holywell Street C and I walked past it every day on the way to the Bodleian Law Library for lectures.  This tree in front of it even appears in this episode. We ended up with quite a few friends there and we went to their ball in the second year.

This is the longest Chronicle so far, as it covers the remainder of my first term at university.  My recollections are helped enormously during this period by the fact that I still have every letter I sent home to my family and every letter (above) sent by my various girlfriends at Oxford.  Just reading what I told my family also brought back those incidents I could not tell them, of course!

In order to address some comments I have included a dramatis personae to help with the initials.

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