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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Centrefold Venus of the Month 56: Georgina Marsh, January 1977

Men Only

It is back in time to just over forty years ago for one of our favourite Men Only girls from the mid seventies, when the magazine was at its height and just before it started to conceal its models bits again, in late 1977.

January 1977

The really lovely Georgina Marsh (as they dubbed her) appeared in Men Only's January 1977 issue as centrefold and cover girl. On the cover Georgina is boldly displaying her delicious looking nipples and has her hands inside her knickers while meditating upon a symbolic apple.  Or maybe she was just hungry.

 May 1977

Once more we have several sources for our pictures.  The pictorial also appeared in Club, as usual, although the pictures had to wait until May 1977, rather than appearing in the following issue in the US, as was customary.

November 1979

Nearly three years after her appearance in Men Only, pictures of Georgina from this shoot also appeared in the less well known Game magazine.  Game first appeared in November 1974 and kept going until 1991.  It used a lot of material originally shot in the UK.

Men Only

In Men Only, Georgina's pictorial was credited to Fred Enke who had worked for Paul Raymond publications from the start.  He certainly espoused the legs apart poses with his models and his approach really helped define the brazen approach to men's magazine photography from then on.  Sadly, he died suddenly, at the age of just 36, the month after this issue of Men Only was published.  Oddly, in the Club version of the pictorial, which opened with this same shot, the photographer was credited as 'Olivia'

Men Only

This two page spread also appeared in both magazines and had one of those picture in picture images which are so annoying.  I have shown the inset picture separately as well.

Men Only

Here is another two pages spread, that being the operative word.  Georgina has a really beautiful face but Enke is really only interested in one part of her.

Men Only

Georgina, we have to say, has a perfect bush for my taste (and I am sure she tasted very nice too) and nice, prominent parts as well.  It's a shame to cover her splendid bust, though!


This final shot, like all the others so far, appeared in both magazines but the Club version, as was often the case, is brighter and clearly presents Georgina's anus.



Finally, we have the pictures from Game's November 1979 issue.  These are all different from the ones in Men Only and Club.  These two are slightly different versions of the Men Only cover.  No doubt because of the apple, Game called her Eve, rather than Georgina.


This one is similar to one of the shots in the Men Only pictorial but with added bust squeezing. This is one of the few shots where she is demonstrating anything close to a different expression.  It's all about the pout.



This one immediately above is the only one of her where hs hasn't got her legs spread as wide as she can.  Here dress is very curious as the arms are not connected to the rest of it.

Another anus displaying one here.  The fabric of her dress is very seventies.  Our family had some pillowcases like this at the time

Another pout to finish and a finger delicately touching her arsehole.  This is a comparatively modest pictorial for Game, which tended to go in for Hustler style labia spreading and moist looking parts.  Georgina/Eve is a really beautiful girl, despite her rather glum expression throughout.  


  1. Beautiful! one single page with also Serena, two fantastic bodies from all possible sides. Including beautiful breasts, rears and anuses in the most natural way. Thank you!