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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Venus from the Rear 5: Meghan Leopard

Well, today my Canadian friend S has sent me some fine studies of another Canadian, model Meghan Leopard, who hails from Whitby, Ontario.  I spent a weekend in Whitby with S once, doing a bit of sailing on Lake Ontario and cuddling up in the yacht's cabin after drinking quite a lot of Ontario wine, which is very good.  No doubt S selected this picture for me because of her shoes and nice lace-topped white stockings.  I don't feature that many contemporary girls so am very happy to post these pictures.

She appears to be in a house by the sea, rather than a lake.  I always found Lake Ontario a bit odd to look at.  It looks like the sea but the waves move in a disconcertingly different way.  It's like being on another planet, really.

I am always fiddling with Venus Observations and currently I am adding some more indexes down the right sidebar for some of the blog's more regular features.  Venus in Black Stockings and Venus from the Rear are now done,  More to follow.


  1. As a matter of fact, I find Cynthia Suckhold, Cheri, December 1977 absolutely beautiful, whereas Meghan Leopard is almost unnatural. Could you provide us with photos from Cynthia from other angles - if I may say so, as it is all about curves - especially with a full frontal?

  2. Happy New Year Agent Triple P! Good to see your blog is still going strong, even though it's behind Blogger's interstitial (warning page) and I know that really limits your traffic. Same thing happened to Idol Features when I had it on Blogger. Now it's on a new and unrestricted host. Please contact me if you'd be interesting in contributing there. I did a great interview with 1988 Penthouse Pet of the Year and "Frankenhooker" herself, Patty Mullen, that I'm sure you'd appreciate.

  3. Hairy or smooth? I know what you like!