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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Non-centrefold Venus of the Month 27: Daphne, November 1977

During the coming year I am going to try to post rather more centrefolds and non-centrefold pictorials from men's magazines than I have done in the recent past.  I have got rather behind with these, so need to start filling the gaps in my list in the right sidebar of the blog.  These do, however, take a long time to format, especially if there are a lot of pictures, as the major magazines like Penthouse featured.

Some of the other magazines, however, went for fewer pictures in number but larger images.  Chic was certainly like this in its early years and that style carried back to stablemate Hustler, as well, from 1976.  So here, from November 1977, we have Daphne. in a pictorial that consists of just six photographs. 

Daphne is photographed by James Baes in characteristic style, using mirrored surfaces to project patches of light.  Although Daphne is posed on an ornate bed we suspect the pictures were taken outside in bright sunlight, rather than indoors.

Baes uses the uprights of the golden bedstead to frame her assertively spread pussy in many of the shots.  1977 had seen the increase of shots of the girls touching their pussies and, in particular, spreading their (increasingly) pink and moist looking labia; something which Daphne certainly goes in for in her pictorial.

It is particularly nice to have a couple of photographs of Daphne smiling in this set.  It's also nice to have her mostly barefoot.  Far too many men's magazines pictorials have their girls in bed wearing shoes, something I can't understand at all!

This is the only shot of Daphne not on the bed but on the floor instead.  Curiously, she has one leg through her knickers in this and a couple of the other shots here.

The final double page spread of Daphne has her spreading her pink labia and looking ecstatic.   Of all the ladies I have observed playing with their bits none of them have ever done this!  Disappointingly, she is wearing shoes in bed but she compensates for this with the nice white stockings.

Fortunately, we have a number of outtakes from the pictorial which add to the six published in the magazine.  The first one is the full version of the cropped image of Daphne on the floorboards in the bright sun.   In the second one she has removed one shoe.  I'm very happy to see girls in sexy shoes on the floor, just not in bed!

Now she is in bed, still wearing one shoe, like Jason from the Greek legend of the Argonauts.  Oddly, she seems to have picked it up from where she discarded it on the floor to be next to her in bed.  Perhaps, like my friend S she really, really likes playing with new shoes!

Daphne is penetrating herself with her finger here in a pose the magazines tended to avoid as it was likely to attract the expensive necessity, in some states (and Canada), of printing black dots over the offending probing digit.  It wouldn't have been allowed in Britain at the time either.  Lots of furniture included in the background here, to add glamour to the set.

Baes has framed Daphne's pussy in a feature of the furniture again here.  One of his reflected highlight effects adding to the isolation of her vulva and anus in this shot of her posed on a chair. 

Here is Daphne framed by the gold bedstead with the photo immediately above being almost (but not quite) identical to the one which appeared in the magazine.  We can see that the furniture is being moved around to suit each shot rather than being a record of an actual room.  All is artifice.  Daphne's face looks quite hot and sweaty in some of these pictures, as though the location is really warm. 

The final two shots are pretty unprecedented for pictures taken during a shoot for a mainstream men's magazine in the seventies, with Daphne unequivocally penetrating her own anus with her finger.  It would be several decades before we got a shot like this in a published newsstand available magazine and even then it would be very rare.

So while, in some ways, a typical James Baes effort for Hustler this one benefits from its limited palette of white, gold and flesh, a nicely hot (in every way) model and some surprising self penetration.

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