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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Chronicles of Triple P: 1979 - An Expensive Day

I have just posted the latest of my erotic reminiscences here which details the day after C and I did It for the first time. I was helped in this by looking at letters home to my mother (which of course did not mention the erotic elements) and letters and notes from C to me, which did.   Above is the Randolph Hotel which appears in this episode.

Part of this chronicle takes place in C's college room and this is what it looks like today.  This hasn't really changed that much since 1979, although C had her bed further down the room, closer to the wardrobe.   I was very jealous of her wash basin!  The view out of the small windows in the picture above is the staircase that adjoined mine, which was converted from several eighteenth century town houses. 

Here is a picture of it from the outside, which I took last week when I went back to Oxford for the day.  C's room is the one above the passageway which meant that is was quite cold

Here is the other end of the room which shows the window seat which sat over the not very efficient radiator.  It was, however, the warmest part of the room (provided you didn't come into contact with the window) so was where we tended to sit in the winter.

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