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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Centrefold Venus of the Month 67: Laura Heaton-Smith, December 1975

Well, it's time for another Centrefold of the Month, although we are now a year behind and still filling gaps from the past but no matter, we will be putting some new ladies up over the next month or so.  

So here we have the really rather magnificent Laura, photographed by Clive McLean before he left Britain to go and work for Larry Flynt at Hustler

It's back over forty tears for this one, which is from Mayfair's December 1975 issue.  We don't feature many Mayfair centrefold girls but we were very taken with this one. This is the period when magazines like Penthouse, Club International and Men Only were starting to show glimpses of their model's labia for the first time. Mayfair, however, did not.

The splendidly bushy subject of the pictorial is one Laura Heaton-Smith.  We don't know if Laura was her real name but we suspect not.  Mayfair, as we have seen before, liked to pretend that all its models were posh types from the shires who lived in mews houses in Chelsea and drove E-type Jaguars.

Laura, they claimed, was a cashier in a restaurant called Charlie's in Wardour Street.  Wardour Street, in Soho, was renamed as such in 1686 (it had been in existence under a different name for at least a century before that) after Sir Edward Wardour a local landowner.

During the twentieth century it became the centre of the British film industry and many British film production companies had their HQs there.  Today there are  a lot of restaurants (none called Charlie's, though), including a large Chinese one, Wong Kei,, which Triple P used to go to a lot with a previous girlfriend.

Mayfair also claimed that Laura was born in Lusaka, Zambia and went to school in Cape Town which also may or may not be true.

While Mayfair made a conscious decision not to follow the other UK magazines down the more and more revealing route this pictorial shows that, given the right girl and the right photographer, they could still turn out a sexy pictorial.

The 33-24-33 Laura is certainly a sexy girl indeed and Mclean knows how to get the best from her in what is, for Mayfair at the time, an unusually crotch-focussed pictorial. 

Faux masturbation shots were only just appearing in the other magazines but Laura is certainly tickling her fancy here.  In usual Mayfair style, her parts are tastefully concealed but her fingers are drawing attention to her pussy anyway.

Three assertive rear-end view shots are also very prominent pussy promoting pictures with some barely concealed camel-toe (although the phrase would not have been used at the time as it was nineties in origin).

All these pale in comparison to this final pussylicious shot of Laura in her very clingy knickers. Splendid!


  1. She's stunning. I like the little see-through panties ;)

  2. Not only is the model (whatever her true name and origins) luscious and delightfully hirsute, but the style of photography takes me back. I don't know if it was the lighting, the film stock or the type of development used then, but the warm flesh tones are so appealing.

    1. No doubt Kodachrome helped but they seventies style, which started to be replaced by the bright, stark style seen from the eighties, is so appealing that it is making a comeback in the fashion industry. I saw an advert in a women's magazine this week which could easily have been the first picture in an early seventies Penthouse pictorial!

  3. Splendid indeed! A very attractive lady with a glorious bush.

  4. thanks for another great post of a lovely lady. The 70's and 80's not only had natural beauties with pubes and it seems like modern porn has forgotten about the allure of a model wearing sheer panties and showing some cameltoe, which I did not know was from the 90's. Of course, I always wanted the Playboy models to reveal some more flesh after teasing the viewer and I still think Playboy could make money by charging for uncropped versions of photos where they hid their models nether region.