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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Centrefold Venus of the Month 62: Gina (Rachel Ashley), July 1982

As we look back on 2016, at Venus Observations, it is time to indulge in some of that dreadful review of the year stuff that you always get at this time.  We didn't quite manage to post 52 pictures for the Centrefold of the Week blog but did get 39 up.  Of these, the one with by far the most hits was the lovely Gina.

Gina appeared in the July 1982 issue of Larry Flynt's Chic magazine.  We posted her centrefold in July this year but she still got more page views than any of the girls posted before.  Of course, to establish who is really most popular we should divide the number of views by the number of days on the blog.  That will involve a bit of work so we will do that shortly.

The pictorial did not credit the photographer so we have no idea who shot it.  It is a typical Larry Flynt Productions one set effort, with none of the multiple locations and costumes seen in Playboy or Penthouse at the time. 

The pictorial was called Roman Holiday and no doubt the name Gina was chosen as something suitably Italianate, given the studio background of a view over Roman rooftops.

Not a great deal of money was expended on Gina's wardrobe but she does look nice in her powder blue lingerie and stockings.  We've always had a thing for stockings and lingerie of this colour since an ex-girlfriend o fours had identically coloured stuff.

Her knickers, though, only appeared in the first shot, as mostly she was spreading her thighs and displaying her crotch (and in this shot, her anus) as much as she could.  It is not a subtle pictorial, this, but is typical of 'Gina' who, as we will, see appeared in a lot of other magazines at the time, similarly displayed. 

As we have mentioned before, we find this labia spreading pose a bit strange and not at all sexy. yet, initially largely espoused by Suze Randall, it became very common at the time.  It's just so unnatural.

Gina is a lovely young woman, however, with a truly magnificent bust. long legs and a delicious looking pussy.  It is a shame we couldn't find any outtakes from this pictorial.

Finally, this self-penetrating shot is very strong for the time.  Occasionally magazines like Hustler and Chic would include a shot like this but not very often as they were wary of getting the dreaded black dots imposed on the areas in question, which some US states and Canada went in for. 

Gina is, of course, porn star Rachel Ashley, who first started appearing in magazines and films in this year, 1982.   The first pictorial we can find of her comes from the February issue of Gentleman's Companion, a magazine that was first published in 1980 and lasted for a decade,

She appeared as Linda in a military themed pictorial; pictures from the shoot also appearing in a number of other men's magazines afterwards. This shot with the phallic bullet appeared in September 1982's Stag.  Linda was born in July, 1964  so wasn't quite yet eighteen when these pictures appeared.

Within a couple of months her image had crossed the Atlantic and she appeared on the cover of Fiesta in the UK.

The following month she was the Hustler Honey centrefold, photographed by Matti Klatt.  Given Chic was also a Larry Flynt publication there is a good chance that the pictures featured at the beginning of the post were by Klatt as well.

Five months after her first appearance in Gentleman's Companion, the editors brought her back for another pictorial in the September 1982 issue. This time she appeared under the name of Sally, obviously they thought that no-one would notice that it was the same girl as had appeared earlier in the year.

In 1982 she also made her first hardcore film; an 8 minute silent loop called A Titter, one of the first films directed by Michael Carpenter.  The film opens with Rachel masturbating by a pool and caressing her splendid breasts..

She goes inside for her sex scene with co-star Marc Wallice.  This was Wallice's first film, in what would be a sixteen year porn career before he contracted HIV, causing a panic in the industry and ending his career.

These pictures were taken on the set of A Titter at the same time as the film was made and appeared in a number of hard core magazines subsequently.

The same year she appeared in another loop, Swedish Erotica 1134: Beautiful Body Language where , after another masturbation scene, this time in the bath, she gets friendly with the carpenter, played by Kevin James.

Back in the UK she appeared on the cover of, and inside, Whitehouse International number 84 in 1982, still aged only eighteen..

In November 1982 she was appearing on the cover of the Danish Color Climax magazine's quarterly Cover Girls publication.

Her breakthrough film came in 1983 when she starred in Golden Girls, directed by Czech director Alan Vydra, under the name of Rhonda Vanerdebildt.  She even released a record in Germany to tie in with the film.

By the end of 1983 she was well known enough to make the cover of Adult Cinema magazine, this time under another of her pseudonyms of Rachel Orion.

She carried on posing for magazines as well and here she is with  a rather different look in Sexy Girls 44 from July 1983.

In 1984 she won the first Adult Video News Best New Starlet award, the Adult Film Association of America beast actress award and several other awards for Every Woman has a Fantasy (above with Martina).

In 1985 Ashley appeared in the controversial retrospective film Shauna, Every Man's Fantasy about tragic porn star Shauna Grant who had committed suicide in 1984 at the age of 20.  Ashley had done lesbian scenes (above) with Grant for Suze Randall in 1983.

Here is Ashley, with dyed blonde hair doing another girl/girl scene and she also performed other lesbian scenes and threesomes with girls for magazines and films.

She appeared in November 1984's Penthouse, as herself, in a pictorial photographed by Earl Miller.  In the accompanying text she claims she discovered her mother's vibrator at the age of 12 and had her first threesome with Jamie Gillis and his girlfriend when she had just turned 18.

She was shot in hard core pictorials for magazines like Color Climax (above) as well as more conventional men's magazines.

Here she is fronting Talks magazine in 1985.  She made no less than twelve films in 1985, having made just five in 1984.

One of these was the plot heavy Corporate Assets, where she played a call girl, here seen having an athletic threesome.

In 1985 Ashley took a break from filming and magazine work, although previously shot material continued to appear, inclding four films in 1986.

Not all of her shoots were of the extreme spread legs type and she also appeared in  a rather more restrained pictorial in Lui (above).

The Best of Club in 1987 certainly featured her delicious pussy in close up.  Just about every part of her 5' 10" body was attractive and she had a much more beautiful face than many porn stars of the period.

In 1987 she made a porn film comeback (so to speak) and started filming again, appearing in twenty films that year.

Just six films followed in 1988, including Backstage (here with Dann T Mann - not his real name, we suspect).  She was still making the cover of Adult Cinema magazine, however.

Her last few films appeared in 1989 and 1990, including Lay Down and Deliver (1989) which also starred Ron Jeremy.

So a particularly lovely porn star who was beautiful enough to be a fine nude model in the more upmarket men's magazines but was prepared to put it out for hardcore pictorials and films.


  1. Beautiful girl with lovely face, boobs and thighs and v inviting cunt! Pity about the hardcore stuff