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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Aquatic Venuses in the Ligurian Sea

We have had a number of calendar themed posts on Venus Obseervations this year so it only seems right to finish the year with a look at a 2016 one.  This one hails from Italy and was shot entirely underwater.  

The Artemis calendar does not refer to a particular company or institution but is the name given it by the creator of the calendar, Claudio Gusmaroli, a photographer from the town of Lodi, in Lombardia, northern Italy.  We have all the calendar shots plus some outtakes and behind the scenes shots.

A few years ago Gusmaroli had the idea of putting together a calendar of artistic nudes to raise money for a different charity every year; the first appearing in 2013  His first efforts were focussed around the town and countryside of Lodi and he used local, non-professional girls as models, shooting them at night, for example, in the centre of the town.

The idea behind the 2016 calendar was rather more ambitious and with it he left Lodi for the first time, with the aim of taking every shot under the sea.

Also gone were the amateur models and for this edition he used four professionals who, of course, had to be strong swimmers.  

It was a three day shoot on the island of Elba, famous for being the first exile home of Napoleon, until he escaped in 1815, marching to an insignificant place called Waterloo, in Belgium.

Elba is a rocky remnant of the land bridge that used to join mainland Italy to the island of Corsica (Napoleon's birth p1ace).  The rocky, underwater seascape adds considerably to the background of the pictures, as does a wrecked ship.

The models had to dive quite deep for some of the shots and remain submerged for some time while Gusmaroli captured them on film.  On hand, for safety reasons was world free diving champion, Marc Maric. One of the better safety assignments.

A couple of the girls were adorned with floral headdresses for some of the pictures and this gave a nice Polynesian touch to these shots.

The nominated charity for this calendar was Scarpetta Rossa, a Milan based charity that looks after women who have suffered violence, single mothers and others in need.

Although you might think that it is unusual for a calendar of naked women to be produced to benefit a charity that supports abused women, this is Italy, of course.  A video of the making of the calendar, complete with full frontal nudity was put on the charity's website with thanks to the photographer.

I think that this is a very good calendar indeed and full marks to the models for their underwater efforts and stamina, 

The four models used in the calendar were Natasha Legeyda, Gabriella Natale, Elena Riz and Matilde Rossi, 

Busty, pale-skinned blonde Natasha Legeyda is the only non Italian model used in the shoot and hails from Russia. 

However, she has lived and worked in Italy since 2003.  Tall, at 5' 11" she is 22 years old and has appeared in a number of magazines, including Men's Health and Romanian and Brazilian Playboy. 

Having closely researched other pictures of her it appears that her impressive bust is natural.  It certainly does impressive things in the weightless underwater environment.

Matilde Rossi is a 23 year old model from Sardinia.  She only started modelling two years ago, on Sardinia but was soon spotted for more work in mainland Italy.

25 year old Elena Riz (born Rizzello) was the Italian Playboy Playmate of the Month for November 2015, the month the calendar had its official launch. Born in Lazio, she is, nevertheless, the madrina of Hellas Verona football team.

Diminutive Gabriella Natale tried to be a catwalk model but was rejected on account of her height The 26 year old is from Taranto in Puglia, the 'heel' of Italy.

Agent Triple P certainly appreciates a naked lady underwater and we think that Claudio Gusmaroli did a splendid job in the clear waters of the Ligurian Sea with his four sirens.