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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Venus Revealed: The Pubic Wars Part 13 1981 Part 2

Playboy's April cover was fronted by Ford Modelling agency's very perky Liz Wickersham.  Born in Texas, she became Miss Georgia in 1976. She competed in the Miss USA pageant and won the Miss Photogenic prize.  Shortly afterwards she met Ted Turner who hired her as a presenter for the CNN network.  When Fidel Castro contacted CNN about giving an interview it was Wickersham who went to Havana and conducted it.  

From 1984 until 2001 she was the host of CNN's Showbiz Today TV programme.  She married an attorney and now lives in New York.

Playboy's first pictorial was one of those celebrity pictorials which Triple P had no interest in at the time as the subject, Rita Jenrette, was only famous in the US.  A model, she was the wife of a congressman, John W Jenrette Jr, who had got caught up in a corruption scandal.  This pictorial and the accompanying interview, caused a scandal of its own, especially when she confessed that she had had sex with her husband on the steps of the Capitol in Washington DC.  The satirical political comedy group, The Capitol Steps, which was formed in 1981, took their name from this incident.  

Rita in Zombie Island Massacre

Jenrette translated her fame into a number of B-movie (to be generous) appearances such as Zombie Island Massacre (1984).  She also acted on stage to rather more effect and won the LA Drama-Logue Critics award for her 1982 performance in The Philadelphia Story.

In May 1984's issue

Although 32 year old Rita was still married to her husband when the pictorial was shot she had divorced him by the time the magazine came out.  In 1984 she appeared in Playboy again and, indeed, on the cover, in a pictorial featuring older women and their younger lovers.  She was 34 he was 24.

Playmate of the Month was Lorraine Michaels who was actually born in Canterbury, England, as her father was in the US Air Force. This shot by Arny Freytag was slightly more revealing than those of  many of the previous months Playmates.

In Malibu Express

Michaels was working in  a bank when she was spotted by January 1976 Playmate Daina House, who suggested she try out for Playmate.  She appeared in half a dozen films in the eighties including the Andy Sidaris glamour thriller Malibu Express (1985), alongside fellow Playmates Linda Wiesmeir, Kimberley McArthur and Barbara Edwards.  Triple P watched this dreadful, but curiously enjoyable, film last year and enjoyed playing spot the Playmate.

The final pictorial of April featured one of those Girls of... features, although the Girls of Kokomo was not perhaps, in the same league as some of their previous efforts.  Kokomo had been chosen by Playboy as Ronald Reagan had mentioned it in a speech as a typical American small town.  Named after a Miami Indian chief, Ko Ko Mo, no less than 150 girls from the population of 50,000 were photographed by David Chan.  Cheryl Morgan (above) was a dancer who wanted to become a model.

The pictorial certainly did give exposure to real girls next door who were rather more attainable, perhaps, than the Playmates had become.  Diane Mai's shot in the feature (top, above) was rather more modest than this more revealing outtake which didn't appear in the magazine

Rather disappointingly, on the girl next door front, perhaps, Playboy gave four photographs to 'Chiffon" a nude dancer in a local club and a twice winner of Miss Nude Indianapolis.  She also has the most revealing shot in the issue.

Oui actually had a girl who appeared inside the magazine on the cover for a change.  In this case she is Judy Larsen, photographed by Jeff Dunas.  Judy was supposedly the bass player for a band called 7-7-7 about whom we can discover nothing whatsoever.   Still, she looked very nice in and out of her overalls.  Larsen had a very small part in Just (Emmanuelle) Jaeckin's The Perils of Gwendoline in 1984.

Centrefold girl Denise Perry was photographed by Brian Anderson, barely contained in some effective denim shorts.  The text of her pictorial was all about her not wanting to grow up, although she looks quite grown up to us.

Another cheap portfolio type pictorial using stock images was next, with Playboy regular Philip Dixon presenting some random shots of girls who were wet (on the outside, we should add).

Finally, we had a foreign girl in the pleasing shape of Claudia from Germany.  This was probably a pictorial brought in from Lui and was by German fashion and beauty photographer, Wolfgang Klein, not one of their usual photographers.

The impressive bust of September 1979's Pet of the Month and Page 3 girl,  British model Joanne Latham, fronted up Penthouse's April cover. 

The issues's first pictorial was of Michelle Murchison, photographed by Eddie Adams.  His only other Penthouse model pictorial was of Pet of the Month Susan Waide, whose December 1975 shot had given Penthouse it's first really crystal clear centrefold cunt.  Adam's set of Murchison was even more pussy-centric with three shots of her playing with her bits.  The shot below is one of Penthouse's stronger masturbation shots of the period.

Although we never saw Murchison again in the pages of the magazine, she did at least get involved with the Penthouse organisation that summer.  In June 1981 she was signing autographs with Pets of the Month Corinne Alphen and Tamara Kapitas at a club in Pittsburgh.  A group of two dozen women from an organisation called Women Against Sexist Violence in Pornography and Media picketed the signing and shouted slogans like "What kind of man sleeps with his pet!"  and "Women are not pets!".  They were protesting against the increasing prevalence, they said, of violence against women and kiddie porn in Penthouse.  We think they may have had the wrong magazine as we don't recall anything like this in Penthouse at the time.  They were largely ignored and the signing went ahead.

That month's Pet of the Month was Sherry Moran and unlike Michelle Murchison and, indeed many of her predecessors as Pet of the Month over the previous year or so, she appeared in quite a few other magazines.  In fact she had already appeared in Cheri the previous year, although not as the centrefold.

Sherry tended to appear at the sleazier end of the men's magazine market, in those sorts of magazines you couldn't buy on newsttands due to their extreme covers,  They also tended to be a lot more expensive than the mainstream titles, given their small print runs and lack of advertising.

She appeared under a number of different names in these magazines, in pictures taken by different photographers but most of her shots were characterised by extreme leg spreading and pussy (and anal) display.  Subtle and elegant they mostly weren't although, to be fair, she could scrub up very nicely, as she did in Penthouse.

She did at least one girl/girl shoot where she gets her fingers in contact with her companions's pussy and gets fingered in return.  We will also see her again in the Penthouse three girl set Camp Fired Girls in November 1984 with Anna Ventura.

All of this pales into insignificance next to her two notorious hardcore shoots,  The first appeared in a European magazine called Pleasure.  In this she and a man are scuba divers (she looks great in neoprene) and he takes her on the beach and on a boat.

Eventually he ejaculates all over her lower back.  It's actually a nice pictorial and the outdoor tropical location helps a lot.  The location looks very similar to the one in her Penthouse pictorial so we wonder if it was taken at the same time by the same photographer.

The second pictorial featiues the same man and, again, looks to be shot in the same location.  Here the couple are having a pic-nic and in this one Sherry takes it up the rectum.

Penthouse's final pictorial is one of those weird ones they had every now and again where the concept completely worked against any eroticism,  This one, called Silent Partners and shot by by Earl Miller, who should have known better, had a girl at a disco interacting with a shop dummy.  Why?  It's a shame as the girl is very nice.

Cover girl and inside for Gallery's April issue was British Page 3 model Toni White in an early appearance in a men's magazine. We'll look at Toni in more detail in the future.

Gallery continued to dial right back on explicit shots and instead was featuring classic mid-seventies style beach shots, like this one of Allie by Siwer Ohlsson

It was a casting couch scenario for April's Club with Ron Jeremy playing film producer JW Bigbux. The eager to please starlet was played by Anna Ventura in a pictorial by Bob Veze.  Other shots from this pictorial appeared under the name Barry Vincent and it is likely they were the same person. 

Hustler had an Easter themed cover with their leggy lovely, Anna Ventura again, astride a rather low budget two dimensional eggshell.

For one of the films reviewed in their X-Rated Reviews section of erotic films at the beginning of the magazine, Hustler featured this shot of Merle Michaels contemplating the anus of Seka. from the eponymously named Inside Seka.

Michaels (right top) has an enertaining girl/girl session with Seka where she does rather more than just contemplate her anus (above).

Merle Michaels' first porn film was none other than the classic Debbie Does Dallas (above) in 1979 where she indulges in some enthusiastic fellatio in the library.  Over the next four years she made over forty adult films and appeared in a number of men's magazines.  She later became a journalist in Montana.

Hustler's first model for April was the long-legged Ursula caught by Clive McLean looking rather superior in her pictorial.  

That month's Hustler Honey was Marlene by Matti Klatt, looking nicely damp.  On closer inspection the jacuzzi/bath is nothing of the kind and appears to be a cheap construct of plywood and vinyl. 

A fairy tale couples pictorial that month with an excited looking beast taking on a beauty in the voluptuous shape of Yanez Lancaster, in a shoot by James Baes.  This pictorial featured a wonderful set, superb costumes and excellent set decoration of a much higher standard than poor Marlene received for her centrefold pictorial

Finally, Nancy was one of Hustler's amateur Beaver Hunt winners and she was quite happy to gently prize herself open and reveal her glistening pussy.  Of course, many of the 'amateurs' who posed for Beaver Hunt were nothing of the sort and Nancy does look very polished.  Nice stockings!

Playboy's May cover girl and the subject of the issue's first pictorial was Gabriella Brum who, as Miss Germany, had won the Miss World contest in November 1980 and then promptly resigned the next day. Then 18 years old, she had claimed that her 52 year old boyfriend, film producer/director, Benno Bellenbaum, had objected when he found out that she would have to live in London for a year.  

Brum with Santos (left) who took over the title

She later changed her story and said it was her decision alone and it was possibly prompted by the aggressive London media chasing down details of her early life.  Whatever, she was on a plane  to Berlin the next day..  Kimberly Santos from Guam, the contest runner up, was made Miss World instead  Brum officially holds the record for the shortest Miss World reign at just 18 hours

Brum in Playboy

Brum had been living with Bellenbaum in Hollywood for six months and after Miss World went back there where they married about a year after the contest (and after this pictorial appeared) Bellenbaum's films were mostly of the softcore sex type and he committed suicide in 1984 but he and Brum were separated by then.

Brum with Bellenbaum. Can't believe his luck

Brum's father was actually British, a soldier who had met Gabriella's German mother when stationed in Germany in 1961,although the relationship did not last long.  Even leading up to the contest Brum had attracted attention as she was the tallest girl (around six feet) competing.  Afterwards Julia Morley, the Miss World organiser, admitted that they had been worried about Brum's relationship with Bellenbaum.  It was also alleged that one of Bellenbaum's friends was on the judging panel. Conspiracy theorists blame Brum's behaviour for the fact that Germany hasn't won the Miss World contest since.

Playmate of the Month was Gina Goldberg from Finland who gave us this rather revealing pose, for Playboy at the time..  She was born Tina Verenius. in Turku. in June 1963.  However, when she moved to the US she gave her birth year as 1959, which was how she managed to get past Playboy's no under eighteens rule and her Playmate Data Sheet says she was born in 1959.  She was in, in fact, just seventeen when she posed for Playboy and her Playmate issue appeared.  Despite this Playboy kept using her pictures in a number of newsstand specials.  For Playboy it was the date the issue appeared, not when the pictures were taken that was important.

In Lovely but Deadly

She had one film appearance in the taxing role of 'pool beauty' in low budget thriller Lovely but Deadly (1981) which also featured April 1978 Playmate Pamela Jean Bryant. Goldberg carried on modelling and launched a singing career, releasing a CD in 1990 under the name Gina Gold and undertook tours in Europe.

Tresnja Neral decorates Dubrovnik

The final pictorial of Playboy's May issue holds particularly fond memories for Triple P.  Girls of the Adriatic Coast took a loving look at some of the beautiful girls to inhabit the coastal regions of what was then Yugoslavia.  It was then, of course, behind the Iron Curtain, even if Yugoslavia was always the acceptable face of communist Europe.  Pompeo Posar, the photographer of the pictorial, was born in Trieste and raised in Zagreb so he had no problems negotiating his way around the region. 

Dragona Stanic takes a shower

When this issue was published, Triple P was getting towards the end of his second year at University when, having broken up with his girlfriend of the first year and finding himself in a rather fallow period,  he embarked on a brief fling with a married air stewardess some ten years his senior, who was the daughter of a family friend.  She brought Triple P this copy of Playboy back from one of her flights and she was particularly taken with the scenery in this pictorial  The actual scenery, that is, rather than the female version.  She was very interested in the accounts of the nude beaches in the accompanying travel piece and this picture, especially.  She decided that we should take a holiday there that summer.  Sadly, shortly afterwards, she took a job at another airline, moved to Paris and we drifted apart.   We still haven't been to the Adriatic coast although we have now visited Serbia and Slovenia and interacted with a couple of women from the region in London. so can vouch for their much better than average loveliness.

We both really liked this image.  She liked the fishing village and Triple P liked Vinka Skansi (back) and (especially) Bobo Zuvic (foreground).  We don't know what it was about the name Bobo Zuvic but it remains the only name of a girl from one of these Girls of... pictorials which we remember.  Ten years later, when we sailed around the not dissimilar fishing villages of Cephalonia in Greece (just to the south of this area, of course) we often wished we had a lovely Bobo Zuvic to decorate the deck.  We did have a lovely young lady on board but her Bobos were not nearly as splendidly rounded. Interestingly, that lady, while quite shy, within days found the sun and the scenery getting to her and was soon happily splashing around naked in the quiet bays when we anchored for the night. 

The last girl in the pictorial Jagoda Simic looked very similar to our stewardess girlfriend both facially and body wise.  We could well imagine her wading through some rocky bay like this, if we had ever got to the Adriatic.  Sadly ,she died a few years ago, in her early sixties. the only one of our previous girlfriends who has died (that we know of) but we always think of her when we look at this pictorial and wonder about the holiday that never was,

May's Oui actually featured their centrefold, Julie Dawn, on the cover in a shot by Jeff Dunas.

The first pictorial featured English actress and model Vida Tayor. Her pictorial was shot by Brian Anderson and she had one or two pictures that were rather more revealing than usual for Oui at the time. 

Although she did some TV commercial work. she appeared in one TV show, Space: 1999,  in the small part of a guard and had three film credits.   The same year as this pictorial she played Danaë, the mother of Perseus, in Ray Harryhausen's last  film, Clash of the Titans (1981). Where she is seen strolling naked along the beach.

In one short scene she is shown breastfeeding the infant Perseus and thereby revealing the only bare breast in a Ray Harryhausen film. Being a big Harryhausen fan Agent Triple P went to see this at the cinema.  It was an 'A' certificate in the UK, meaning anyone over the age of five could see it.  A couple of rows in front of us at the cinema were three boys aged about twelve.  This nipple shot caused paroxysms of excitement in them.  Obviously they were completely delighted with the unexpected appearance of a bare breast on view in such a film!

Centrefold and covergirl Julie Dawn had only a few fluff revealing pictures in her Jeff Dunas shot pictorial.  Dunas' girls were covering up more and more in what was a quite deliberate policy by the photographer.

A typical sun-kissed pictorial shot on an exotic beach by Michel Moreau was supposed to commemorate the fact that the Académie Française, the three hundred year old elite committee that protects the purity of the French language (a pox on le weekend, they say) had just admitted its first woman member (actually in 1980), Marguerite Yourcenar a novelist.  Fortunately, they did not use a photograph of the far from photogenic Yourcenar but instead featured the lovely Catherine.  Agent Triple P cannot resist this shot of her.  If there is anything better than a girl dressed in just a white cotton vest it is a girl dressed in a white cotton wet vest. Superbe!

The final pictorial of that issue looked at their November 1980 covergirl and centrefold, 4' 11" tall sex bomblet, Leslie Graves. You can read more about her in our relevant Pubic Wars post here.  Actress Leslie, although still only 22 at this point, had been a child star on TV and her two Oui pictorials helped her revive what had been a stalled career.

Graves in Death Wish 2

In 1981 she would appear alongside Carol Davis (a Penthouse Pet already) and Connie Lynn Hadden (who would be Penthouse Pet of the Month in October 1981) in Piranha 2.  The following year she would have a small part in Death Wish 2. In 1983 she would be cast in her best known role, as Brenda Clegg, in the daytime soap opera, Capitol. She will return to Oui in 1984.

A Vogue style shot of the stunning Lisa Capuano by Pat Hill adorned the cover of Penthouse's May issue.

Capuano was one of the models Hill shot for her pictorial Modesty Ablaze inside.  This was actually really another lingerie fashion shoot like Sneaky Xmas Catalogue from 1978 and all the details of the suppliers of the clothes were listed in the back of the magazine.

Pet of the Month was the naturally lovely Cody Carmack, photographed by WE and Donna Barnes.  Whether the latter is the same Donna Barnes who was Pet of the Month in August 1982 we don't know but it seems like a strange coincidence if not.  We will see Cody again as she will return as a future Pet of the Year in a rather more assertive set than this one. We love this fluff in  profile picture, however!

Diana (left) and Loni (right)

The final pictorial was a girl/girl one by Edward Holzman and featured Loni Sanders (who had appeared in Penthouse in April 1980 and who we looked at in more detail in a previous Pubic Wars post here) and another porn star Dana Dennis.  It's a nice pictorial with some sensual shots and period clothing, although we always feel that the harsh Californian sunshine never quite works with these period pieces.

Diana as Deirdre in Whitehouse All Colour Digest 28

Dana Dennis was from Michigan and worked from 1979 until 1983 under a number of different names including Dana Rogers, Darla Edwards and Yvonne Daye.  She appeared in several films directed by Suze Randall.  She made a brief comeback in the nineties.  She was unusual at the time in that she had a floral tattoo on her arm (not visible in the Penthouse pictorial) which she had done to cover up the name of a former husband.

Hustler's May covergirl had an overdose of baby oil in a cover photo by Mark Rice. Again, as had been the norm for some time with the magazine, the girl didn't appear inside.  So they were going in the opposite direction to Oui.

The first pictorial was one of the increasingly populat science fiction ones.  The girl is not, as you might first think, supposed to be an alien but is a humanoid android create by the scientist.  Shot by Matti Klatt, the pictorial has no accompanying text.  The man's genitals aren't shown at all and the girl has a very unusual,at the time, bald pubis.  Not a lot of passion in this one, though.

The Hustler Honey was Tanya and Clive McLean certainly went into leopard print overload on this one.  Subtle it was not.

There was a two girl set Roxanne and Jill by Suze Randall.  Supposedly set in a country house, the mistress of the estate molests her maid and in this unusual shot appears to be about to indulge in some anilingus, not something that was at all common in men's magazines at the time.

Hustler's final pictorial features Pam, in a pictorial by Peter Bartok.  Yet again a photographer has a model wearing shoes in bed, something Triple P can't stand to see!  Who wears shoes in bed? 

High Society carried on featuring shots of celebrities that they would rather have not had printed and features on porn stars.  In May's issue they profiled Marlene Willoughy, who we featured in our fourth Pubic Wars post covering the last quarter of 1980.  Here she presented herself in a number of athletic and revealing shots.

Cheri's May issue had a girl/girl pictorial featuring that popular staple, girls in tennis clothes.  These pictorials inevitably include the word "love" in them, hilariously and this one was no exception, being dubbed Two/Love.  Pictures from this pictorial appeared in a number of other magazines, including Men in March 1982 and The Best of Expose in March 1983. Unfortunately, the photographer isn't credited in any of the magazines and the girls go under different names in each.  We have always had a thing for girls in tennis clothes, for a number of reasons, so we have posted the full pictorial and the other shots we have over at the Seduction of Venus.

More Sapphic fun in May's Velvet with the cover pictorial Behind the Scenes in a Woman's Spa where our power dressing businesswoman gets into the hot tub with a spa employee, rather unprofessionally.  It's quite a nice pictorial with some striking images.

There was another girl/girl pictorial in that issue where a couple of lady decorators get carried away with each other while painting the walls.  Velvet wasn't exactly a big budget magazine and so bought in their pictorials, being unable to run to staff photographers like the big boys.

Here is a magazine we haven't featured before in The Pubic Wars.  There were dozens, if not hundreds of these minor titles around at the time, printed on low quality paper and using bought in pictorials.  Here we have the flexible girl simply called, by the magazine, Starlet.

Pictures from the shoot of his girl, Tanya, for example, had appeared in other magazines, notably Men Only, previously.

The pictorials in Hooker did not have a lot of text accompanying them.  There were some articles and interviews, including one on porn superstar Georgina Spelvin, seen here in Jade Pussycat, as displayed in the magazine..

Here we have Teri who, like nearly all the other girls, is depicted touching her pussy.  Hooker was only published between 1981 and 1983 and was published by World Wide Publishing, the firm behind Swank. and Stag.

Most of the pictorials had that curious orange cast that cheap printing produces.  Not a great deal of imagination was deployed in the girl's names.  This lady was simply  called "covergirl", as she was.

More imaginative nomenclature was in evidence here for "Golden girl" whose pictorial consisted entirely of those annoying picture in picture pages.  This lady was rather more solid than the others in the magazine and ensured her stomach was covered in every shot.

The final girl's pictorial was called Lone Star and didn't give her name at all.  Hooker was a typical pictorial heavy but text light, cheaply done production, although the cover price was the same as Playboy and Club but more expensive than Cheri and High Society.

June's Playboy featured Playmate of the Year, Terri Welles on the cover, in a photograph by Phillip Dixon, just over a year after her first appearance on the cover of Playboy's notorious stewardesses pictorial issue. An unusually rapid progression from cover girl to Playmate to Playmate of the Year/

Robbin Young

The first pictorial, that issue, was a round up of some of the Bond girls from the forthcoming For Your Eyes Only, which received its world premiere in London on the 21st June.  The pictorial was a mixture of production stills and naked photos of some of the Bond girls.

Young with Bond producer Cubby Broccoli (lefte) and on set with Roger Moore (right)

One of these girls, Robbin Young, Playboy had a particular interest in, as she had been the winner of a competition to get a role as a Bond girl, run in conjunction with United Artists.

This competition had been announced two years before, in the June 1979 issue, with the winner being chosen by  a panel consisting of Broccoli, Moore and Hefner. Young's naked pictures in the pictorial amply demonstrate what her appeal must have been to Playboy and suggest that Hefner had more than a little influence in her selection.

Robbin's blink and you'll miss it appearance in For Your Eyes Only

We remember looking out for her when we saw the film, a month or so after we bought this issue and being amused how small her part, as a flower shop girl, was.  She had a line in the film but it was off camera and sounded dubbed.  She must have been on screen for all of three seconds but Playboy reported it took four days to shoot her scene.

Tula's picture in the For Your Eyes Only pictorial

There is no doubt that Robbin Young was all woman but the same can't be said of one of the other Bond Girls featured in the pictorial.  "The Bond Beauties are truly women of the world," said Playboy describing how Tula had been born in Rome but now worked as a model in London.

Tula on the cover and inside October 1979's Gallery

Well she certainly had been working as a model in London and had already appeared in a number of men's magazines and on Page 3.  However, although she called herself Caroline Cossey she was actually born Barry Cossey in Norfolk, England.

Barry Cossey

Now the story of Barry growing up and not feeling happy as a boy is becoming very familiar with stories of transgender people at present but in those days there weren't exactly a lot of role models.  For Barry it was more than just a mental issue because he was born with an extreme from of Klinefelter syndrome, meaning his chromosome balance was out.  Men have one X and one Y chromosome per cell and women have two X chromosomes.  Barry had three X and one Y chromosomes per cell,  Given this amount of female genetic material it is no wonder he enjoyed dressing up in his sister's clothes and not participating in boy's games.  Of course he had a miserable childhood as a result.

A pre breast augmentation Cossey working as a dancer

Cossey began a course of hormone therapy and started living as a woman. Working as a dancer, an unexpected gift from an admirer got her enough money for a breast augmentation.  Then she worked as a stripper in Rome and earned enough money, in 1974, to get her male genitals removed.  She could have got the work done for free under the UK National Health Service but that would have required a four year wait.

Now using the stage name Tula, the six foot tall Caroline started getting serious modelling jobs on the catwalk as well as appearing in fashion magazines like Australian Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.  She also did print advertisements, including this famous one for Smirnoff Vodka.

She was also a Page 3 girl and even posed for The Sun in April 1978 with the sister whose clothes she had dressed up in as a child.

Far right with the other girls on 3-2-1

In 1978 she got a job as a hostess on the UK game show 3-2-1 and even posed for a publicity picture.  However, she was recognised by the boyfriend of one of the other girls who knew that she had been a man.  She had to tell her agent, who had no idea about her past and asked to leave the show as she was terrified of being outed by tabloid journalists from the News of the World who had been looking for evidence of her past. She  took less high profile jobs.

Tula (centre left in white bikini) in For Your Eyes Only

However, in 1980 she was offered the Bond film role and took that. Her role was very small, as she was one of a number of women depicted as posing around the swimming pool of one of the film's minor villains.  Really her part just consisted of her walking across the screen but the job carried the Bond magic, of course.

Tula (far left) on set in Greece with Roger Moore

However, it also put her well into the spotlight as the publicity shots of the Bond girls circulated around the world.  One journalist, William Rankine, had had suspicions for some time and had even interviewed Cossey several years previously but she said that she had been born in Rome and wouldn't give her date of birth or real name.  Rankine acted like most journalists from the notorious News of the World (which had to be closed down a few years ago when it stepped over the line one to many times) and acquired her medical records from the Charing Cross Hospital where Cossey had had her final operation in 1975.

Rankine and the News of the World broke the story although her agent initially denied the sex change story.  Neither the Bond producers nor Playboy knew she had been born a man at this point.  We will continue this story in a later post as she would catch out Oui magazine later in the year..

There were absolutely no doubt about the femininity of Playboy's June centrefold, the voluptuous and lovely Cathy Larmouth, photographed by Ken Marcus.  This is another issue we bought when at university and we particularly loved this sensuous shot of Cathy in her long socks; not least because our girlfriend at the time used to wear similar thigh length socks, entertainingly.

Cathy is given a bit of a polish in preparation for her centrefold

Unlike most Playboy Playmates of the time she disappeared from public view after her centrefold appearance.  She married singer/songwriter Michael Dees in 1983 and had a daughter to add to one she had had as a teenager (she didn't reveal that she was a mother when she posed for Playboy).  She said she was lazy and had no interest in pursuing a singing or acting career. She divorced, lost her home and savings in a series of frauds and died in January 2007, at the age of 53, of a heart attack, following a period of ill health.   Another Playmate who died far too early.

June's final pictorial featured Playmate of the Year and covergirl Terri Welles, who had come a long way in a year at Playboy.  Welles had four film roles following her Playboy appearance but given they were scattered over nearly twenty years you couldn't really call it a film career, as such.

She married a professional ice hockey player in 1981 and they had a daughter but they divorced five years later.  Although Welles performed her Playmate of the Year duties she clashed with Playboy  some sixteen years after this pictorial appeared.

Welles in the laye nineties

Playboy was the first national magazine to launch a website, in 1994 and Terri wasn't far behind ,launching her own personal pay website (from which these three pictures come) , at the age of forty one, in 1997, which featured rather more explicit shots than she had done for Playboy  This pioneering solo girl effort did not please Playboy however who sued her in 1998 saying that she had diluted and infringed their copyright by describing herself as a Playboy Playmate and a Playboy Playmate of the Year.

Welles won and when Playboy appealed she beat them again.  Essentially, the judge reasoned that it was perfectly legitimate to identify herself as a Playboy Playmate and a Playmate of the Year as that was what she had been and those descriptions, essentially, defined her.

Although the internet age has seen glamour models able to extend their careers by years, if not decades, there are always women who have, sadly, succumbed to nasty breast enlargements and have failed to age gracefully.   It was a shame, as the rest of her body was in very good shape for a forty plus year old.

Another cover appearance for Britain's Toni White, following her Gallery cover in April that year.  What a very fine little outfit this is!

Danielle was supposed to be a Dutch actress, photographed by Ronnie Hertz in Oui's first pictorial that issue.   This was one of  a series of pictorials specifically featuring foreign girls, although at this point they didn't have many Americans posing.  She may well have been Dutch as Hertz is one of the Netherlands' top glamour, fashion and portrait photographers, having started his career as a sixteen year old in 1963.

Covergirl Toni White was that month's centrefold, shot by Jeff Dunas in his increasingly less explicit way.

Slightly more revealing was this photograph of Lori Ann Nevelson by Michael Kent.  These sorts of shots were getting more and more rare in Oui, mostly because Jeff Dunas had decided that he didn't like them any more.

Dunas was in action for the final pictorial that month, using the classic girls washing a car scenario.  In this case the car is the Ferrari 308 GTS, probably the car Triple P likes the look of most of any post WW2 car made.  The girls are very nice too.

Penthouse's June issue featured portraits of the four contenders for Pet of the Year.  Clockwise from top left they are Joanne Latham (September 1979), Danielle Ginibre (November 1979), Danielle Deneux (June 1980) and Tamara Kapitas (January 1980).  Penthouse gave Miss Kapitas real name, unlike in her original pictorial and although it is quite well known we have agreed with her not to use it as it has caused her issues in her current (very successful) life. Unlike Playboy, Penthouse's Pet of the year could be chosen from Pets from a number of preceding years, rather than just the one.

The first pictorial, The Long Hot Tub Summer by David Schoen, his third girl/girl set for Penthouse, featured two ladies in, well, a hot tub. No names, even fictional ones, are given in this set, which has a lot of nice breast kissing. licking and nuzzling. There is also a nice kissing picture, something which always enhances.girl/girl sets but is not as common as you might think it would be.

For Penthouse at the time, this was a bold close up, full page pussy play picture.for a girl/girl set.  Often Penthouse's love sets would be less explicit than the solo girl shots.

In her nineteen page Pet of the Month pictorial, the gorgeous Angela Giovanni had a quite conservative five pussy revealing shots.  Penthouse wan't covering up like Playboy and Oui but there was a higher proportion of clothed and romantic nude pictures for the Pets of the Month than most of the other magazines at the time.

Furthermore, Angela's centrefold was a topless shot only and didn't reveal her pubic hair, let alone her labia.  Perhaps photographer Earl Miller felt that her perky bust and radiant face were so spectacular that she needed nothing else to create a sexy image.

The final pictorial gave us two pages each for the four Pet of the Year candidates. Most of the shots had been seen before in the relevant Pet of the Month pictorials but Daniele Ginibre's bold .masturbation shot, by Stan Malinowski, was new.

June's Club featured on the cover, unusually, a porn star, in the shape of Marilyn Chambers who was in the main pictorial inside.

Club's first girl was Sheena photographed by R.B.Kane who got her to indulge in quite alot of manual labia spreading including this full page effort.

Clarissa was photographed by Dwight Fox, also opening herself out. We have always found this pose very artificial and curious.  What woman does this?  Odd.

The longest pictorial in this issue was Marilyn Chamber's "and friends".  Basically it was an advert for her book, Marilyn Chambers Sensual Secrets and included stills from it  This one is from the massage section and includes a quite excited looking man.

Club even ran an advert so that readers could buy a pre-publication copy.  They also ran a big interview with Chambers which must have helped sales no end.  Also unusually for Club, there were quite a lot of semi-erect penis shot in the piece.

Annie was photographed by Ian Potter. a photographer we hadn't heard of before.  It's such a common name that we haven't been able to find out anything about him.  She is wearing the sort of divided drawers that would have been worn by ladies at the time of our erotic story The Lust World.

Another photographer we haven't been able to identify is the one behind that issue's last pictorial, Barry Frume.  The gentleman in this displayed lot less obvious interested than those in some of the shots with Marilyn Chambers but they went through some simulatated sex poses quite well (especially her) in their barn setting.

It's down on the farm for Hustler's June hay bale cover girl, who is barely contained by her braces.

Hustler's X-rated reviews looks at Justine: A Matter of Innocence (1980) and featured this shot of Portia tasting Hillary Summers.  Summers plays an innocent girl straight out of a French finishing school sent to live with her wicked uncle.  She was actually thirty at the time she made this; six years into what would be a twenty year career.

Summers was actually quite good in this film, successfully portraying a wide eyed innocent.  The scene illustrated in Hustler came towards the end of the film and was not that long.

The first pictorial was called Oriental Delights and featured Joanne and Suzi going through some mot very passionate sapphic poses for Suze Randall.

Hustler Honey Rachel was posing for Matti Klatt and holding her labia open a lot, even when standing up, rather curiously.  Not a brilliant shoot, this one.

Visually, the issue was saved by Clive McLean's set of the very leggy Debbie in dance wear (well legwarmers and ballet shoes) posing effectively in front of a mirror. Here she tickles her pinkly swollen bits.

We will try to get the next episode up rather more quickly than we did with this one!


  1. Thanks for another great trip down memory lane, mixing history with beautiful naked women. You actually provide a lot of facts about the time that I didn't realize in my adolescence. Can't help feeling a little sad that Terri Welles felt she needed to supersize her tits.

  2. Again, many thanks for another wonderful and informative post in your "Pubic Wars" series! I especially appreciated your including pieces on both Rita Jenrette and Terri Welles, as both of these Ladies prove that just because you are a slightly "older Lady", that is, mid-thirties to early forties, one can still be an erection inducing Vamp, at least for teenage boys and young men in their twenties and thirties. I find it particularly erotic to see "older women" still giving us men sexual stimulation, as younger women are still developing their sexuality, whereas older women seem to be more confident and competent in their erotic displays, but this is just my opinion. Anyway, I hope you feature more "older" Ladies, especially from Playboy pictorials in the May,1983 and February,1984 issues. I also enjoyed your Girls of the Adriatic section, as I really enjoy viewing women from all over the world, particularly nude ones! As always, please keep up the superb work, and good luck to you, Agent Triple P!

    1. Thanks for this. I experienced a number of older ladies when I was in my twenties and they were all splendid!

  3. "Unknown" for 12 November is really Chipster10538. I had some trouble in entering my profile identification for this site.

  4. Just curious as to when I can expect to see the next posting in the Pubic Wars series, for 1981 Part 3?