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Friday, November 18, 2016

Even more rowing Venuses

Earlier in the year we featured three posts (here, here and here) on the naked calendars a number of British University students ladies' sports teams (especially rowers) were posing for.

The lovely ladies of the University of Warwick Boat Club have just issued their 2017 naked calendar, which is now gaining national recognition.  It is done to raise money for the club and to support Macmillan Cancer and you can buy this year's edition here

As ever, apart from the money they raise, they are keen to promote body confidence amongst young women.  This is becoming a real issue for girls in Britain, for a number of reasons which we will examine in a future post.

Some of the (probably puritan) naysayers, of course, have said that their tastefully displayed bodies actually display a very limited range of body shapes.  

Well, we think that is untrue but, of course, they are all competitive rowers so they are athletic and are not going to be carrying a lot of excess weight or have thick middles. In fact, as this delightful picture shows there are actually a number of different body types on show. 

Admittedly, there were, in fact, perhaps, a more diverse collection of body shapes in the shots of the Oxford University ladies rugby team but that just reflects the nature of the sport and the wider range of physical types needed for the game.  

One of the ladies is quoted as saying: “Society is full of stigma against women and men looking a certain way that being exposed in a public calendar is a daunting prospect. Being confident in our own skin shouldn’t have to be a political statement and if anyone can feel confident enough to bare all then we say kudos.”

They go on to say that they hope that the calendar can defeat the stereotypes of size zero bodies, constantly featured in magazines and adverts.  In fact, these ladies have, we would venture, the sorts of bodies that most men prefer, as opposed to the walking twiglets espoused by the fashion industry.

The sport determines the body, to a certain extent ,so that in the same way, the Cambridge University gymnasts were all delicately built, as you might expect from a group of girls who have to leap. vault, somersault and prance about on a five inch wide beam.

Anyway, many of these pictures fit well with our ongoing theme, at the moment, of naked women outside, which is part of our naturist theme at present.

Discussing it with our friend A this week she suggested that Triple P's interest in bucolic pictures of naked ladies in the countryside is caused by the turn for the worse the weather has taken over the last few weeks, with heavy rain and colder weather,

There may well be something in that.  Agent Triple P's study, where he writes his blogs, is an extension built on the back of the house, so three walls and the roof are in contact with the air.  This means it can get quite cold in the winter.

So it is quite natural to dream of warmer days when you can frolic outside without the need for a hat, coat and gloves or, indeed, anything else!

When the sun does come out, because our room faces south, we do get the warmth from it. Unfortunately, the sun shines on our computer screen and we can't see anything on it, so we have had to install a blackout blind.  This means the warming rays are blocked and we have to type by lamplight, even though the sun is shining!

These pictures were all taken during a three day shoot during the girls' summer term, so although it doesn't look that sunny we hope it was at least nice and warm!

The ladies all manage to conceal anything that might be taken as 'naughty bits' by the prudish British press.  Interestingly, given our ongoing thoughts on attitudes to nudity in Britain and Europe, German university students started doing naked calendars back in 2003 but the women in those don't bother to cover their nipples up.

That said the centre lady here is just barely flashing her bits, largely because of the muscle tone in her inner thighs. This is an outtake, like many of the shots here, rather than one of the actual calendar shots.  It is not a deliberately provocative display of course and is just the way she is built.

The lady in this lovely, pensive outtake is also just displaying a hint of her mons veneris.  This is a nice nude study, whatever the context and very much has the same atmosphere as some of our previous naturist shots.

What a splendid group of young ladies they are and we are glad to see how many of them have long hair and how they do not have bodies despoiled by gross tattoos.

To end, appropriately, we have two very fine studies of the ladies' rear aspects.  The darker skinned lady, above, has a magnificent posterior!

This is a particularly lovely shot of the girls in their boathouse and a particularly lovely display of British bottoms!

Anyway, we look forward to your sixth calendar next year, ladies and hope you raise lots of money from the 2017 edition.  Goodbye for now, ladies!


  1. Lovely. Perhaps the naysayers should persuade the Warwick Cheese and Chocolate Society to do a calendar.

  2. Indeed very lovely. My favourite photo is third from the bottom. Ah, those bottoms...