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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Bushy Venuses from November 2016 Penthouse.

Thanks to one of our readers for pointing out this month's "bring back the bush" issue of Penthouse.  The issue features an article looking at former President George W Bush (oh what fun you Americans are in for now - now you will know what post-Brexit Britain is like!) as, apparently, for the first time in ten years more Americans approve of him than disapprove of him.  

No, its the other sort of bush that Triple P is interested in and, indeed, Penthouse displays this month, in a refreshing change for a current men's magazine.   To be fair, however, Penthouse has had rather more fleeced pussies than Playboy in recent years, such as March 2015 Pet of the Month Ava Dalush.

The first pictorial featuring some magnificent bush this month has a series of retro photos from the Penthouse archives. Sadly only a brief paragraph describes the phenomenon but, as they amusingly point out, in the past there was no such thing called a hairy pussy.  It was just a pussy!

They do, in addition, offer a number of quotes on the subject such as this one from London based American journalist Hadley Freeman: "Pubic hair is proof of sexual maturity, and if your partner finds that a turn-off you should probably reconsider that partner."  We have written at length on the bald versus bushy debate but still find it odd at the horrified comments the pictures of some women who display even a hint of hair down below receive on sites like Playboy Plus.  We assume these are people whose entire experience of women comes from pictures and videos.

So after the retro bush we move on to this month;s Pet of the Month, one Mary Moody who certainly looks it, in many of her shots by Tammy Sands.   She is a lovely girl with a nice natural body (something else you didn't have to think about in the seventies as nearly ever body was natural!) and a welcome lack of gross tattoos.   This nice up the crack shot is also redolent of Penthouse in the seventies!

Twenty-four year old Mary is a web cam performer and I am sure that this exposure will do her business no harm at all, as she is a real beauty.  However her bush is rather lacking in, well, bushiness and looks like it is the result of quite recent growth.  While she has obviously been trimmed she does at least still have hair around her labia. 

Not long ago Triple P was talking to a Playboy model in London who said that while she trims she doesn't remove everything.  Articles we have read on the subject which have carried out surveys on this don't seem to, unhelpfully, differentiate between trimming and total removal.  We don't mind trimmed but we don't like totally bald.

The next pictorial features 27 year old  porn star Dani Daniels who started stripping to pay off her art school fees debt.  She still paints in a pointillist style and has had her work exhibited in a number of gallerys..  She was Penthouse Pet of the Month back in January 2012 and will be fed up today as she has previously spoken out against Donald Trump, being a Bernie Sanders supporter!

Despite her views on American politics, Dani is actually from the Czech Republic and her real name is Kira Orsag.  This year she has been training to get her executive jet pilot's licence.   She is famous for always having retained her pubic hair in her porn career, although she displays the more modern style here with a clean area either side of her labia in what used to be called the Laurel Canyon sweep.  Still the bush she does have is nicely bushy!

Finally, a two girl set featuring porn stars Riley Nixon and Georgia Jones.  Nixon is famous for her very short hair but it is ironic in a magazine featuring bush down below that the hair on her head is almost completely shaved off here.

So, well done to Penthouse for having a bushy issue, (and all natural girls) even though, as is apparent from their vintage shots, that what constitutes a bush today is not the same as in the seventies or even the eighties when it first started to shrink and we started to see the strange strips displayed by Georgia Jones in this shot. 

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  1. Fun post! I have to say, out of all those ladies, Riley Nixon is intriguing! She can really pull off the shaved head look, which few really can. It's sexy on her!

    And boy oh boy, you know America is in a weird place right now...