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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Venus from the Rear 3: Cambridge University's Bum of the Year

Kate, Sidney Sussex College, 2014

Earlier in the year we featured some of the naked charity calendars that British universities put out regularly at this time of year.  The subject of opprobrium by feminists and what Arnold Schwarzenegger (who Agent Triple P had an enjoyable meeting with, in the State Capitol Building in Sacramento a few years ago) would call 'girly men', this time we present a slight twist on the scheme. 

Lauren, Pembroke College, 2014

Cambridge University (boo!) has an online magazine called The Tab and in April 2012 they ran a competition called "rear of the year" to celebrate the anniversary of Pippa Middleton's striking rear aspect at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Anne, Clare College, 2015

Actually, they then had to change the name of the competition as 'rear of the year' is already a copyrighted competition,, so it was rechristened, the rather more downmarket, 'bum of the year'..

Leila, Emmanuel College, 2012

The reaction to the six (knicker-clad) bottoms was predictable, with the university women's officer Ruth Graham saying:“We have a responsibility to speak out against the portrayal of women as sex objects.”  Unfortunately for her, however, The Tab had already had a competition featuring men's bottoms.  Equality in action.

Bella, 2012

Except it wasn't.  Some of the female competitors complained that the men's bottoms were naked while the women had to sport knickers.

Shelley, Newnham College, 2013

In 2013, however, most of the female contestants dispensed with their knickers and the competition reached new levels of exposure in the press.  No doubt a lot of this was due to the fact that it was Cambridge, rather than some redbrick university up north.

Natasha, Selwyn College, 2014

In 2014, one of the lady competitors, Charlotte Ivers, broke the cover of anonymity in the competition  (the girls use pseudonyms) and wrote about why she decided to pose for it and to rebut (sorry) the ire of feminists.  "We need to stop being scared of our bodies. We need to stop seeing them as problems that need correcting. My body works. It looks great. It allows me to play sport, to write, to joke, to kiss people I like and to be close to the people I love.”   Which of 2014's crop she was, she did not reveal, however.

Kate, Trinity, 2015

In 2015,  the winner, 'Kate', got 37.5% of the vote, destroying her competition utterly.  She told The Tab how posing had helped her come to terms with her body and said of her lovely posterior:  'At school, when everyone just wanted to be as skinny as possible, it was never a good thing. People just called me chunky and I couldn't find any jeans to fit me but now thanks to Nicki Minaj, J-Lo and Kim Kardashian, suddenly my bum is all the rage I owe it all to my mother. She, like me, also carries the burden of having a size 10 waist with A cup breasts, and size 14 hips. But it is thanks to her wacky genes that I have won this competition, and it does mean we can share all our clothes."  Other than her natural assets (lovely waist/hip ratio) Kate was helped by the fact that her photo, next to an Anthony Gormley sculpture, was the best composed and lit.

Vivienne, St John's 2014

Although the ladies use false names it must be fairly obvious to those attending the various colleges as to who is who as there are only five to six hundred students at each on average, so around two hundred students a year.

Gwendoline, Sidney Sussex College, 2013

Finalists for this year's competition should be announced at the end of next month and rest assured we will track them down in due course.

Pam, Lucy Cavendish College, 2013

Triple P only has one experience of a Cambridge University lady's bottom, from when we went to stay with a friend there in 1980.  We met the girl at a party there and cannot recall either her name or her college but she did have a lovely rear and looked like Alice in Wonderland. 

Beatrice, Robinson College 2015


  1. Venus Callipygia - Venus of the pretty arse.

  2. Very nice. Kate from Trinity looks like she has the perfect figure. Pity we can't see her front! I do love Cambridge girls (having gone there many years ago): brainy, posh and sexy - a great combination!

    1. I went to Oxford (I'm visiting a young relative their today) and found the Oxford girls a bit disappointing - or maybe it was just my college!