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Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Lust World Chapter 9

Edmund Molloy, a journalist for The Daily Courier has volunteered to join an expedition to South America to look for prehistoric creatures. He has been seduced by Edith, the wife of the expedition's leader Professor Challenor. They have been engaged in a passionate tryst at the Great Northern Hotel. That evening Molloy has to meet with fellow expedition member Lord Hoxton, at his residence in Piccadilly.

The latest chapter of our erotic Adventure story, set in 1912, can be found here.  Much of it is set in the exclusive apartment complex called the Albany in Piccadilly, London.  There are some Chapter Notes on it here.

Both the key scenes in this are based on Triple P's own experiences.  The first one, loosely, on a visit we made to a friend only to be flirted with by his barely dressed girlfriend, while he sought out a book he had promised to lend us in another room.  The second is much closer to what happened with an older lady with whom we had been having a restrained but still quite physical relationship.

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