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Monday, October 10, 2016

Peek-a-boo Playmate Venuses. Fur flashing in the pre-pubic era: A Pubic Wars Special 2 1965-1970

It is a year since our first post in this two-parter Pubic Wars special about the Playboy Playmates who flashed their fur during their pictorial shoots.  Time for the final piece, therefore.  Part One can be found here.  We will feature those shots where the lady in question showed more than would have been allowed at the time in the magazine and include their centrefolds to put them in context.  This gives us an excuse to have a look at some Playmates we might otherwise not have featured as well.  They were all baring themselves at a time when the depiction of pubic hair was considered obscene in the United States. We will end on December 1970's issue, the last before Liv Lindland's barrier breaking first pubic centrefold in January 1971.

We begin with Playboy's first black Playmate, Jennifer Jackson.  She was working as a Bunny in the Chicago club with her twin sister when Pompeo Posar went into the club and asked her to pose.   She wasn't aware at the time of the barrier breaking nature of her appearance and later said she was ashamed of posing, until she attended a Playmate reunion in 1999.  The 5'8" tall Jennifer didn't regard herself as attractive but used her Playmate money to move to New York where she joined the Ford Modelling agency.  She got a degree, raised a family and then moved o Seattle where she became a senior social worker.  Her fluff displaying shot is a bold one indeed for the period.

Our next fur flashing Playmate from 1965 in Marie McBane who appeared in the May issue.  Playboy said that she was half French and half Irish, was born in Avignon and had moved to the US when she was ten.  In fact she was born in the Basque city of Bilbao in Spain and didn't move to the US until she was an adult.  She told Playboy she was French as someone had told her it would sound more sophisticated.

She moved to Hawaii, where she still lives, and after running a restaurant for ten years she worked as a real estate agent. She had a small part in the 1966 car racing film Fireball 500.  In this elegant squatting pose her furry fringe is just visible.

From October 1965 we have Allison Parks who was already a mother when she posed for William Figge.  In fact her children appeared with her in a swimming pool shot in the pictorial but they weren't identified as such.  She had told Playboy she was single and 21 whereas she was in fact married and twenty four.  She became Playmate of the Year for 1966 and had a successful modelling and acting (in mainly TV commercials) career.

Her real name was Gloria Waldron but she preferred her pseudonym and continued to use it after Playboy.  Here the sheet doesn't quite cover everything but you don't really notice as her smile is so dazzling.  Allison died on holiday in Hawaii in June 2010 at the age of 68.

The following month, November 1965, we had Pat Russo from Florida who was also a mother when she posed.  She saw an advertisement for Playboy Bunnies in the newspaper and, attracted by the $200 a week salary, applied.  She later claimed she had no idea what the Playboy Club was until after she had been offered the job. She never mastered the famous 'Bunny dip' which the club waitresses had to learn so was employed on the door.  It was there that Pompeo Posar met her and asked her to pose for Playmate.  She told him that she had no bust but he shot her anyway.

She later worked as a teacher and mental health counsellor.  Now 74 she lives in Florida.  In some of her shots for Playboy (although not the ones in the magazine) she was a blonde and here she demonstrates that it wasn't natural.

Twenty year old Texan Dinah Willis posed for Pompeo Posar and appeared as Playmate for the December 1965 issue.  Willis had sent her own picture into Playboy asking to be considered as a Playmate.  Posar recalls her as being "very, very sexy" during the shoot. 

Dinah's fur revealing shot is obviously one of those where the intention would have been to crop out the offending hair. No doubt she was reassured that it would never see the light of day when she posed for the photo.  Happily that was not the case! 

Into 1966 and April with the tiny (4' 11") Karla Conway who was born in Pasadena, California and was a keen surfer.  Born Carla Jo Musacchia, after her Playmate appearance she travelled in Europe and Africa, gave birth in London and returned to California.  She then lived in Mexico and Guatemala before settling in Hawaii where her grandmother came from. She started producing sculptures and paintings in the eighties and by the late nineties was a well known artist whose works were collected by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Al Gore and Yoko Ono.  Going under the names of Karla Sachi and Sachi Nifash she now is known just as Sachi and lives in an artists' colony in Hawaii.

It is only the presence of her surfboard in this shot which highlights the tiniest glimpse of her fluff in profile. She ranks equal with Sue Williams (April 1965) as the shortest Playmate ever.

Kelly Burke's June 1966 centrefold shot looked like a Fragonard painting.  Burke was another petite Playmate at just 5' 1" tall.  She was pregnant at the time her centrefold was shot by Willaim Figge.  She was also the sister-in-law of Allison Parkes who we have seen above.  She later ran a pharmacy.

Photographers at the time often got their models to pose so that their groins were hidden by foliage.  Kelly's bush, however, is too bushy to be concealed by this bush.

Tish Howard was twenty when she appeared as Playmate of the Month for July 1966, in another pictorial by William Figge.  You can read a bit more about her here.

Tish demonstrates another old Playboy groin concealing trick; the raised thigh, although in this case it patently doesn't work.

Miss September 1966, Dianne Chandler, was another nineteen year old and another Chicago club Bunny.  She claimed she had been a regular reader of Playboy before she sent in some bikini shots, as an eighteen year old, to apply to be a Bunny girl, having seen an advertisement at the back of the magazine.

Her pictures were shot over the course of a year by Pompeo Posar.  Once her pictorial appeared she worked doing appearances for Playboy every weekend for five years and lived at the Playboy Mansion.

Her travel with Playboy led to a career in the travel industry and she ended up owning her own travel agency.

She is flashing her fur in quite a few of the shots Posar did of her and later admitted to indulging in the late sixties hipp sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle quite extensively.

Also an Illinois native, Kim Farber was spotted by a Playboy staffer working front of house in a Chicago theatre.  At the time of her pictorial, 20 year old Kim was about to start a stint in London's Playboy Club (perhaps Triple P's father met her there!).

In some of her outtakes it is obvious that Kim had had her pubis shaved but in this one she still displays some fur.

Californian Anne Randall was Playmate of the Month for May 1967 and was 22 when her pictorial appeared.  As a teenager she had appeared regularly as a dancer on teenage music TV show  KPIX Dance Party.  She married the show's host, Dick Stewart, the same year as her pictorial came out.  She had a long career as a TV actress appearing in TV shows like The Monkees, McCloud, Days of our Lives, The Streets of San Francisco, Cannon, Barnaby Jones and The Rockford Files.  Pertinently, at present, she appeared as one of the robot prostitutes in the original Westworld film in 1973.  She is still married to Stewart and lives in Arizona.

Her fur flashing shot is this rather lovely one, photographed by Mario Casilli. This is almost not an inadvertent one, we feel.

We have told the sad tale of the incomparable Angela Dorian (Victoria Vettri) at length here.  She was Playmate of the Month for September 1967 and Playmate of the Year for 1968. As far as we know she is still in prison, serving a sentence for the attempted murder of her husband.

Both of these shots could fall into the inadvertent exposure category with the crossed legs in the pool being an attempt to conceal her fluff.

This one is a little bit more assertive, however, and we suspect the photographer knew full well that her extended leg was not covering her fluff but took the shot anyway.

The Buxom Miss October 1967, Reagan Wilson's. centrefold was taken to the Moon inside the checklist of Apollo 12 commander Pete Conrad as a joke by NASA staff.  Born in Californa but brought up in Montana she had a few TV and film parts but now owns an antique shop in Los Angeles.

In her centrefold, her groin is hidden behind a hay bale but in this very similar shot she isn't quite covered.  She later posed full frontal in Playboy in December 1979 at the age of 32.

June 1968 saw Norwegian blonde Britt Fredriksen appear as Playmate of the Month.  She left Trondheim for Minnesota and a waitressing job before becoming a Bunny at the St Louis club.  She had a brief fling with Hugh Hefner.

This photograph was the header for her pictorial in the magazine and is notable in that she is displaying a fully exposed groin.  Britt is, in fact, despite the fame accorded to Liv Lindeland, the first Playmate to expose her pubic hair in the magazine; two and a half years before Lindeland and twenty months before Stephamie McLean in Penthouse. 

July 1968's Melodye Prentiss is sometimes mistakenly heralded as the first pubic Playmate, due to this centrefold shot by Pompeo Posar. Indeed there are a few wisps visible here but this is a digital version of her centrefold.  In the actual magazine these traces were scrupulously removed.  You can read more about Melodye and her tragic death in 2009 in our post here.

Several pubic pictures of Melodye have come to light and while the top one may be another knee concealing gone wrong shot, the one above is lacking in any coyness.  Either Posar was taking these for his own entertainment or. despite what Playboy always maintained, they were perhaps contemplating more exposure in the magazine in the future.

Nineteen year old legal secretary Dru Hart appeared as Playmate for September 1968, in a pictorial by William Figge and his regular collaborator, wife Mel.  Despite an appreciative letter from a female secretary, pleased at the image Dru promroted, she gave up on that career to focus on modelling.

Dtu's fur flash is very much of the incidental kind but it is an enticing shot, coupled with her cute smile, nonetheless.

Majken Haugedal was born in Copenhagen, Denmark but moved with her family to Quebec where she later worked as a Bunny at Playboy's Montreal club.  She was the first Montreal Bunny to make Playmate.  Under the name Majken Kruse she appeared in the 1970 film Love is War where she appeared full frontal.  She also appeared as herself in the 1969 documentary The Racing Scene about actor James Garner's year in motor racing.

Majken has a couple of fir flashing shots.  The first is a classic not quite obscured by leg shot which later appeared in a 1974 Playboy calendar.

The top two shots here show Majken in her natural state.  The bottom one shows how Playboy's retouchers (who actually worked for the printing firm not the magazine) removed the offending hair.

Miss November 1968's Paige Young's centrefold was shot by Peter Gowling and she became one of his favourite models.  He kept the back scratcher Young is holding in this sexy photo. Young had a relationship with actor Bill Cosby as well as director John Huston.  Although Playboy claimed she died of a drug overdose in 1974 she, in fact, shot herself in a room festooned with pictures of Hugh Hefner on which she had written 'Hefner is the Devil".  Although a drug addict at the time she claimed her suicide would be a message to Hollywood about how she had been abused by the system and the men in her life. It was little reported however and the full tragic story only came out with the accusations against Cosby in 2014.

When Young first showed up at Gowland's studio his wife was not impressed with her looks until she saw her the next time with her hair down and she looked transformed.

Here she is again withe a more modern hair style.  She was just thirty when she died, tragically.

Into 1969 and Miss January, Leslie Bianchini whose centrefold image was also inserted by those fun loving chaps at NASA into the Apollo 12 crew's checklist.  A shot of her centrefold also appeared in the Joe Don Baker starring film Mitchell in 1975.  She went on to become a breeder of Arabian horses in California on her own ranch.

Her fur flashing shot is so subtle that it would be easy to miss unless spotted by a Canadian lady with not enough to do except search out sixties pussy.  But flash her fur she does so she is in!  A lovely girl, this and very much to Triple P's taste!

May 1969's Sally Sheffield was two months pregnant when she posed for her centrefold shot by the pool at the Playboy Mansion in Chicago.  A psychology graduate of posh Wellesley College she went on to get a master's degree in musicology at the New England Conservatory of Music and a teaching fellowship in English literature.  She was also a top class horsewoman.  Not all centrefolds are dumb!  She was quite a bit older than some of that year's crop of Playmates at 27.

Sally is not entirely concealed by an ornate table leg and her blue chiffon robe hardly covers her at all.  During the shooting of the bottom shot a surprised window cleaner appeared outside.

Super cute Helena Antonaccio, from June 1968, was told at modelling school that she wasn't sexy enough.  She became a Bunny girl with the intention of becoming a centrefold. Espousing a super-healthy lifestyle she continued to pose naked into her sixties, looking simply sensational and like a woman half her age.,

Here she is demonstrating that she was not, of course, a natural blonde, but demonstrating that everything else was delightfully natural.

Shay Knuth was a Bunny at Playboy's Lake Geneva, Wisconsin resort.  After her centrefold appeared she moved to London to work in the Playboy club there.  She posed for Playboy again in 1984 at which time she was working at trendy New York nightclub Studio 54.  She then worked as a real estate agent in Spain before returning to the US and working for a medical equipment company.

She has two slightly revealing shots on the sofa.  In the top one a strategically placed glass vase doesn't quite hide everything, amusingly.

Claudia Jennings was born Mary Ellen Chesterton in St Paul,  Minneapolis.  She studied drama but got a job as a receptionist at Playboy's offices and was soon scouted to be a Playmate.  She made a string of film and TV appearances during the seventies but was killed in a car crash in October 1979, not quite ten years after her November 1969 Playmate appearance.

We are on the cusp of the pubic Playmate at this point but these shots were still too revealing to appear in the magazine.

Miss December 1969, Gloria Root, went on to study architecture and became a very senior city planner, having her own firm.  Another far from dumb Playmate.  She died in 2006.

Here is Gloria in one of those extended thigh not quite covering everything shots.

Into 1970 and Linda Forsythe who appeared as Playboy's February centrefold.  Born in New Jersey in 1950 she was just nineteen when she appeared in the magazine.  She was actually only seventeen when she first contacted Playboy about appearing in the magazine in 1968 but her mother signed the consent form on her behalf.

This photo appeared in the magazine pictorial and reveals that her bush is actually quite visible through the leaves of the plant in the mirror: eleven months before Liv Lindeland.

Lindeland's famous pubic hair displaying centrefold appeared in the January 1971 issue.  In the same issue Playboy had their annual Playmate review and this picture of Forsythe (real name Linda Allison) was the first pubic hair displaying Playmate review photograph.  Absolutely gorgeous!

Twenty-two year old Chris Koren hailed from Cleveland, Ohio and was photographed by William Figge.  She attended a Bee Gees concert on the night after returning from the 1979 Playmate reunion and met her future husband at it.  She became a born-again Christian but doesn't hide her Playboy past.

This fur flashing picture of Chris appeared in the January 1971 issue of the magazine as her Playmate review picture.  No less than five out of the twelve Playmates showed their pubic hair, again indicating that the Lindeland centrefold was not to be, as some Playboy staffers thought at the time, a one off.  This was a determined move.

Barbara Hillary's April 1970 centrefold is one of Playboy's greatest ever and probably Triple P's all time favourite.  Such a great composition!

The days of the old flower arrangement in front of the groin shot were numbered but this display doesn't quite cover Hillary's display.

Another case of a a little top edge triangle on show in this one of the same setting as her centrefold.

This one was used in the 1971 Playboy calendar which, of course, came out in 1970, before Liv Lindeland's pubic centrefold.  Playboy were already pushing at the boundaries.  That same year they had really thought, following Penthouse's pubic revelation of Stephanie McLean in April 1970, that pubic hair would be deemed as obscene by the US courts.

Hillary went on to become a nurse.  Just what the doctor ordered.

Miss May 1970, Jennifer Liano, was another Californian girl but one who enjoyed travelling in Europe.  She later had three children.

Before this period it was really rare to include any poses where the groin wasn't covered in some way but Jennifer's pensive shot here shows that a revolution is on the way.

Carol Willis worked at a telephone answering service and her Playmate set for July 1970 by Pompeo Posar was her first modelling job.  Nineteen year old Carol was part Cherokee and looks it.  Sadly, she too was killed in a car crash, in November 1971 at the age of 20; the sixth playmate to die.  Like Claudia Jennings after her, she was also at the wheel of a Volkswagen and her accident also happened on a Californian Road (Laguna Beach)

This boldly assertive shot of Carol was the one that appeared in the Playmate review in the January 1971 issue.  It was the first unobstructed full-frontal view of any Playmate to appear in the magazine and even beat Bob Guccione's first equivalent Penthouse shot.

This shot of Carol is almost indicative of a possible half-way house.  Her pubis is behind some flowers but, like Linda Forsythe's shot above, it doesn't entirely conceal her.  Was there, perhaps, a thought that pubic hair might be revealed in the magazine in gradual stages?

This picture, however, shows that the photographers were, in some shots, eschewing the coy methods of concealment which had been used up to that point.  She is fully and gloriously displayed.

Twenty-one year old Debbie Ellison worked as a Bunny in Playboy's New York club.  She later earned a degree in dance and fine arts from Boston Coservatory and a further degree in management from Radcliffe College at Harvard.

Her September 1970 pictorial is notable in that it included this black and white shot.  At this point, unlike Penthouse which had abandoned the black and white shots of their centrefolds in the mid sixties, Playboy still had more black and white shots than colour ones in their Playmate pictorials.  This one is the clearest depiction of a Playmates's pubic hair to that point in the magazine's history.

As with Carol Willis above, Pompeo Posar has Debbie not quite covered by out of focus foreground foliage. 

However, he also took these two unashamed full-frontal shots.  Was he already preparing for the revolution and the Pubic Wars to come?

November 1970's Avis Miller was 25 and already had obtained a degree from Arizona Sate University.  She was one of the famous 'Jet Bunnies' who worked on Hugh Hefner's personal DC-9 private jet.

Her centrefold was shot by Dwight Hooker and this shot is in an almost identical pose to her centrefold, except with revealed fur.  This is not an inadvertent or accidental reveal.

Miss December 1970 was the busty Carol Imhof who brought Playboy's last pubic free centrefold year to an end.  She became an English teacher.

Much more in the nature of an inadvertent flash for Carol here.  The December 1970  issue of Playboy had a surprising number of photos of women flashing their pubic hair, which may explain why when Liv Lindeland's centrefold appeared the following month there was actually very little reaction to her subtle pubic display.  Not every centrefold showed her pubic hair the following year and there were still many of the coy concealing shots but Playboy had changed (under pressure from Penthouse) and there would be no going back...until 2016, of course.

Sharon Clarke, the first pubic revealing Playmate of the Year, 1971

Playboy have always claimed that the publication of Lndeland's pubic centrefold was a lightning bolt decision based on the exposure in the picture and that may have been true for the centrefold shot itself but Playboy had increasingly been showing pubic shots in the late sixties and the photographers had started to take fully revealing pictures. Perhaps it was all more planned than they maintained..

In our next Pubic Wars special we will look at the Penthouse Pets who revealed more to the photographer than was published in the magazine in the early seventies..


  1. Great subject! So often, a glimpse of what's not meant to be seen is more exciting than an open display.

  2. Your best post in a long long time Triple P. G$

    1. Thanks. I have been in Africa for much of the last three months with limited material to work with. Trying to finish the next Pubic Ward post next!

  3. I was starting to believe that you had given up on the Pubic Wars series of articles...Nice to find out that this is not the case! I eagerly look forward to the next installment....

    1. No, indeed but just been very busy at work for the last six months and much of my spare time has been spent with my lady friend...

  4. What a wonderful collection of stunners, too many to mention by name. Avis Miller, Jennifer Milliano - such gorgeous boobs. And Barbara Hillary must have the most perfect figure ever!

  5. Thanks for a great post. My favorite Playmates tend to be from the mid-70's to the early 80's during my youth and I also thought the photography prior to that period, sans bush, was a bit too tame. However, there's disputing the stunning beauties of this period. Allison Parks, Jennifer Liano and several others caught my eye on the PB website, but I missed Paige Young and I agree that Barbara Hillary might be the creme de lat creme.

  6. Some lovely girls, during this transitional period.