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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Centrefold Venus of the Month 65: Diana, October 1974

We actually have an October Centrefold Venus of the Month in October this month!  From more than forty years ago we have Diana from Hustler.  She is a Venus by Request from Sveta who spotted her in one of  our Pubic Wars posts for 1974.

The lady was the centrefold (or Hustler Honey, as they called them) in the October 1974 issue of the magazine, which was the fourth issue of Larry Flynt's new magazine to be published.  The first few issues of the magzine featured very Penthouse-like soft focus photography which was, by September 1974, giving little glimpse's of its models labia.

Flynt's magazine was named after his string of strip clubs in the Mid-West and these, he claimed, were named after one Elizabeth Hustler (actually called Catherine) who had run a tavern in Lewiston, north of Niagara Falls, from 1800.  She served a mixed drink made from Bourbon and bitters which she mixed using a cock's tail feather.  Flynt named Hustler in honour of her.  Well, although the term cock-tail for a drink emerged at about this time (the first reference was in 1809) the term is more likely to come from the English use of the phrase as a compound noun meaning to increase high spirits (referring to horses originally).

Diana may well have been her name, as at least one of the other Honey's from this early period had her real name used in her pictorial.  Althea Leasure was Hustler's Honey for July 1975 and appeared as Althea in that issue.  She went on to become Flynt's wife tthe following year.

So this may well be Diana.  The text accompanying the pictorial said that she was a "hostess" at Flynt's Columbus, Ohio club.  The hostess role involved "dancing" as well or stripping, to be more accurate.  At this stage Hustler was still using the strippers from the Hustler clubs as models for the magazine as Flynt could get them to pose for a lot less money than Playboy or Penthouse paid.

At this point Hustler didn't give the names of its photographers and, unlike its more upmarket competitors, pictorials were shot in one session in one location.  there was no question of taking months to produce a pictorial as Playboy did.

Hustler mixed its approach to shooting women.  There was  a lot of the Penthouse, voyeuristic style, where the model does not acknowledge the viewer but there were also some shots, as here, where the girl is looking straight at the camera.

Certainly this type of breast fondling shot was pure Penthouse, as was the slightly diffused photography.  Diana is very much the most attractive girl in the October 1974 issue.  Quite a few of the girls who posed in the first year's issues wouldn't have got signed up for the other big magazines.

Still, even though Diana might have been termed a 'Hustler reject' in years to come she has a nicely perky bust and the sort of dark looks Triple P appreciates. Our commentator observed that she looked a little like Spanish actress Amparo Muñoz who was, in fact, much prettier.

All of the girls in Hustler that month looked uniformly glum, in contrast with the girls whose pictures Bob Guccione was taking for Penthouse at the time. We're not sure if it is because they were told to look sultry or whether they were really fed up by the whole process.

In this last shot, as with her centrefold, Diana is brazenly flashing her labia (as did all the other girls that month, for the first time in the magazine to date).  The red flower she is holding could be staright out of Penthouse.  This issue of Hustler came out a month after Penthouse's own revealing labia shots of Janice Kane but whether this was enough time for Hustler to respond to Penthouse's increasing exposure, given the production cycle of a magazine is a moot point.

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  1. I'm splendidly distracted by Diana's lovely dark fluff.....but going off on a tangent Triple P....I'm intrigued by a fuller figured lady who is on the cover of this month's Cosmopolitan....she is American and called Ashley Graham I believe. I think she has a hint of Kelly Brook about her. Any thoughts?