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Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Lust World Chapter 8

The Reform Club, Pall Mall

Edmund Molloy, a journalist for the Daily Courier, has volunteered to join an expedition run by Professor Challenor which is looking to confirm the existence of prehistoric creatures on a lost plateau in South America. He has been seduced by the Professor's passionate wife Edith and is engaged in a tryst at the Great Northern Hotel in London's King's Cross.

Triple P is currently stuck in a hotel in Liberia for the weekend and, given it really isn't the sort of place that you would want to go walking outside on the streets, we have been working on The Lust World our erotic adventure story.  The latest chapter is here.  

We have also written another chapter which is from part four, which covers the expedition from the arrival port in Brazil to the plateau of the Lost World itself.  We have completed parts one, two, much of part three as well as a good deal of part five but this piece of part four is the first chapter of that we have completed. We were partly inspired by being in the palm fringed tropics ourselves at present.  

We will probably get another chapter prepared by the end of next week. Currently the tale is over 500 pages long and I estimate that it will come in at around half as much again.  It's just as well you can read it in installments! At present the older chapters have had around a thousand views each, so we will keep working on it!

 There are also some chapter notes here.

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