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Friday, August 19, 2016

World Photo Day Venus by Nicholas DeSciose

Today is World Photo Day, something that a blog that celebrates the work of many photographers cannot ignore.  Of course all the photographs we celebrate are of naked women but then as soon as photography was  invented people (well, Frenchman) started to capture naked women for posterity, thank goodness.  

Hand coloured stereographic nudes.  French C. 1849

Given the millions (probably billions) of images of naked women in existence (we have over 150,000 in our computer alone) it would be impossible to choose one image, so, instead, we have chosen a self portrait of a photographer whose work we particularly admire.

Denver based photographer Nicholas DeSciose did a lot of work for Oui and Playboy in the seventies and we featured one of his Lui centrefold pictorials a few years ago.   As a result, Mr DeSciose got in contact with Triple P and sent us this self portrait which we really like.  We hope he doesn't mind us posting it as a tribute to every photographer in history who has taken photographs of naked ladies!

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  1. I recall being obsessed with his pictorial contribution to Playboy's August,1978 issue, entitled "The Girls of the Office", or something similar. Truly great eroticism on every page of the pictorial, I especially remember the photos of Betty Tidwell, Jada, and a redhead from Phoenix who was only 19 and had a rockin' body. It was every teenaged boys' secret sexual fantasy about secretaries and other female office workers, and I recall it got me really "hard" at the time. It featured pictures of some of the girls both dressed for work and erotically posed nude, which I found very stimulating indeed. It was a great pictorial!