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Monday, August 29, 2016

Personally Selected Venus 14: Barbara Minty by Art Kane

Triple P doesn't know what it is about this shot of American model Barbara Minty that he likes so much. A combination of the un-posed look, the dazzling smile, the drops of water on her arms and shoulder and her patently wet swimsuit.  Whatever, when we saw it, while looking for something else, we thought "yes, we would select that!"  

So did legendary actor Steve McQueen, who saw an image of her on a Club Med advertisement and contacted her agent to arrange a supposed audition.  They married after only a few months, despite him being twice her age, but he died less than fours years later.

These pictures were all shot on Polo Beach, Hawaii, for Sports Illustrated by photographer Art Kane (1925-1995).

The 5' 10" tall Minty, from the Pacific North West, was signed as a model by Eileen Ford.  She featured in dozens of advertisements, editorials and magazine covers in the mid-seventies.  She is now 63.


  1. These are indeed very sexy photos especially the first one. The fishnet suit seems to be the same design that Cheryl Tiegs wore to great effect without the cloth panels covering her nipples. It's unfortunate that Ms. Minty chose the more modest version. I did some quick searches and couldn't find any topless or nude photos of Ms. Minty. I hope McQueen treated her better than his previous wives, although based on his reputation towards women that seems unlikely.

    1. Well, she seems to have adored him and is patron of a charity for asbestosis sufferers as she believes it was that (not the chain-smoking) which killed him.