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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Personally selected Venus 13: Joan Collins in The Stud.

We were having breakfast in Sainsbury's cafe with our enticing lady friend A and sharing the Mail on Sunday, when she pointed out this photo plastered across a whole page in their Events supplement, to illustrate an interview with Joan Collins. Slightly surprised, as Mail newspapers usually censor any hint of a nipple with a black bar.  Maybe it's the old argument that she she is actually clothed, as used by men's magazine cover designers in the early seventies when they put their models in see through tops.

She's 83!

A assumed I had seen the film the still came from (The Stud (1978)) at the time, as she claimed she hadn't been born when it came out (we are not sure about this - she has been consistently reticent about her age but we don't want to pry!).  We did, not, in fact, as it was an X certificate film (no under eighteens) and we didn't see one of those until Alien (1979) a film we were involved with.  We did see The Stud a couple of years later when it was on at a late night cinema showing at university (with the sequel we think),  It relaunched the career of Collins, who was in her mid forties at the time, so her saucy scenes were much remarked upon at a time when only twenty something dolly birds made such films in Britain.  She appeared in the sequel, The Bitch, in 1979 and her performance in these two films led to her being hired for Dynasty.  Now, of course, A wants to watch these two dreadful (I seem to recall) London set disco era 'classics" so she has ordered them from Amazon. I will expect many rude comments about fashions of the day!  We intend to review them in our long ignored Venus in Motion blog in the near future!


  1. How were you involved with the original ALIEN? Just a bit curious.

  2. Helping a friend in the art department. I lived a mile and a half from Shepperton Studios where it was filmed.

  3. There is something fun about terrible disco-era flicks! :-D I'd watch them with A!