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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Non Centrefold Venus of the Month 45: Kim, May 1977

We are trying to fulfill a few requests at present as well as fill the gaps in our centrefold and non-centrefold Venuses of the month.  So here, following a request from a couple of days ago, is Kim.

The request came for pictures of the cover girl which we featured in our post of Suzette from Chic's May 1977 issue, so here she is  This is a bold pubic display for the cover of a newsstand magazine at the time

Chic, of course, only carried full page or two page shots, so you never got that many images of their girls but at this point they were still using a slightly over-sized format which gave the images a lot of visual punch.

Serving suggestion

Chic also specialised in the close up pussy portrait and here we have Kim's, decorated with a pink rose for artistic effect.

 A double page rear view here.  Chic saved money by not employing anyone to write cringe making text to go with their pictorials, thank goodness.  They. like Kim herself, knew exactly what they were presenting and just presented it.

Finally, here is Kim looking suitably aroused in her final spread (so to speak). We will do another post of Kim shortly as two months later she appeared as Lynn Donahue in Penthouse.  It typical Penthouse style there are a lot more pictures so it will take us some time to format them.  Hopefully, we will have them up by the end of the week.

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