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Friday, August 5, 2016

Centrefold Venus of the Month 54: Malia Redford, November 1978

We realise that we are running a long way behind on our centrefolds of the month posts.  The original idea was to have one a month in the relevant month but the picture formatting and research (in some cases) takes so long that trying to produce one a month is beyond us!

Instead, we have focussed on producing a regualr centrefold of the week and that is working quite well.  If someone particularly likes one of these and requests it we can then post the centerfold's whole pictorial here (if we have it -some we only have the centrefold shot), as has happened a number of times.  Looking at the statistics on our Centrefold of the Week site we see that we have posted 120 centrefolds since the blog began in October 2013.   Of these, the most viewed comes from the November 1978 issue of Penthouse.

It is Penthouse Pet Malia Redford who has had the most views and while, admittedly, her centrefold was first posted back in November 2013 she is more than 2,000 hits higher than the number two girl, Playboy Playmate Brittany York, whose centrefold we posted a month earlier and 4,000 ahead of another Playmate, Victoria Silvstedt who was posted a month later.

This is interesting as she is not one of the more famous Pets from the period, like Joanne Latham, Valerie Rae Clark or Cheryl Rixon  She did not appear in any films or other pictorials, as far as we know but she obviously has some fans out there.

Of course it may just have something to do with her centrefold shot (top) which was by far the most assertive pussy shot Penthouse had presented in one of their centrefolds to date.  Her entire pictorial is a surprising mixture of romantic images like this and more assertive thigh spreading shots.

There are three distinct locations for her shoot.  The first is outside in the countryside where she is wearing a floaty, floral dress.  We get some nice smiles from her in these.

These pictures were taken by Ken Johannsen in his only pictorial for Penthouse, which may explain the unusual number of shots where Malia is looking straight at the camera which is not the usual Penthouse style of the time.

It may well be the case, as happened from time to time with Penthouse and the other top magazines, that a photographer submitted a picture of a particular favourite model (or even his wife or girlfriend) and Penthouse then commissioned a set.

So, having posed for Johanssen, perhaps Malia then decided that that was it for modelling and disappeared, leaving just this one set of pictures.

Actually, there is one other location but it only yielded this single shot. Taken outside but against rather more formal looking shrubbery than the field shots, there is considerably less use of a diffuser here.

Off to the beach for the next location and this cheeky number.  Penthouse said that Malia was just 5' 3" tall and had a 34-22-34 figure which looks quite possible.  Although you do wonder if they just made up a girl's statistics depending on what she looked like. Triple P once did a business trip with a man who used to work for a famous bra manufacturer.  He could tell you exactly what the measurements were of every woman he saw, however much clothing they were wearing.  We tested it out on a number of women and he was right every time!  He could even tell which women were wearing padded bras!

The sea looks a bit murky here and so we initially wondered if these shots were taken in northern Europe but the text says they were taken in Hawaii.  Penthouse says that Malia is Norwegian which may also be true.  Or not.

Anyway, here she is by the edge of the sea and presenting a splendid camel toe in her red swimsuit. Let's hope the water is warmer than it looks.

A bit of pussy play on the sand for Malia.  Sadly, the skies are obviously still grey, in contrast to the diddling Lorilee we featured recently, who could let the sun get to her bits.

These three shots are outtakes and didn't appear in the magazine pictorial.  She is showing off her extreme tan lines in these.  Agent Triple P's friend, Agent DVD, really likes tan lines on a girl but we are not so sure about them as we think they spoil the even skin colour (probably the same reason we don't like tattoos either).

The final shots are all interior ones. This one wasn't in the magazine but had Malia dressed in white and wearing stockings.

Here is one of only a couple of photographs of Malia wearing stockings in the actual magazine pictorial.  Having the one rolled down to her ankle gives her a nicely abandoned look and shows she can do sexy as well as sweet.

In this outtake she is on the same piece of furniture she is lying in front of in the one above.  The text in the magazine says she is just eighteen years old.

Another outtake and another pussy touching shot.  It must be quite hard to enjoy a nice diddle when you have a palm frond tickling your nose.  This is the same set up as seen in her pussy parting centrefold shot.

Back to a magazine shot with more pussy play and more stockings but a different background.  Unlike the previous shots this one is more diffused.

This outtake gives us the same very seventies fabric in the background but the stockings and suspenders have gone..

Another one-off from the magazine and a nicely presented fig.  She actually does look quite young in this one.

Also from the pages of the magazine, is one with yet another different background displaying her tight looking little pussy.

Here is our last outtake of Malie in front of a chest of drawers.  Is this the same plant pursuing her every time she plays with her pussy.  Is there a mini-triffid chasing her or just another plant obsessed art director?

Here we have the last two shots in the magazine pictorial before the centrefold.  Malia is a really beautiful girl who could do sweet and sultry just as well.  It is a shame she did not do more pictorials.

1978 was an excellent year for top Pet of the Month pictorials.  Carrie Nelson, Laura Storm, Mariwin Roberts, Angela Hyer and Amber Ramsey all deserve their own posts in due course.


  1. What's the link to the Brittany York post?

    1. Only her centrefold. Now linked in the text.

  2. I have never found tan-lines very appealing. Probably for the same reasons as you. However attractive the lady might be, it's just off-putting to my eyes. But then I don't like any sort of body art or piercings either.

  3. I have fond memories of this pictorial