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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Lust World - Chapter 4

I have just posted the next chapter of my erotic adventure story, The Lust World here.

 Edmund Molloy, a journalist at the Daily Courier longs for more interesting assignments than the obituaries he seems condemned to writing. Having been thrown over by his intended, Agnes, despite her performing an intimate act upon him, he is taken by his friend, William Britten, to the Babylon Exploration Society, a high class bordello run by Madame Nathalie, where he loses his virginity to a beautiful Japanese girl, Hoshimi.

A slightly longer chapter this time, which introduces two key characters.  Each chapter seems to be getting about seven hundred views a month so we will keep posting them as long as there is interest.  

One of my friends has suggested we post background historical notes on each chapter which we may or may not.  There is a lot of historical research needed for a story set in the past and you almost can't take anything for granted about life today compared with then, even for a story set at the time just before Triple P's grandparents got married.  

They would be along the lines of the following but would need their own blog.

British Museum station as it was.  Note the distinctive white tiling.

Chapter 4: British Museum Station was opened in 1900 to serve the Central Line.  However, it was only 100 yards from Holborn station, which served what are now the Northern and Piccadilly Lines. To change lines you had to ascend to the surface, walk the hundred yards to the other station and descend again.  In 1933 it was closed and a Central Line platform was created at an expanded Holborn station making it, as it remains, the connection between the Central, Northern and Piccadilly lines. The building hosting British Museum station was demolished in 1989 but the station itself remains, underground.  You can glimpse it when travelling between Tottenham Court Road and Holborn stations on the Central Line.

British Museum Station as it is today.  The white tiles are clearly visible on the right.  The platform has been removed (right) as is usual with disused London Underground stations.

You can't have a post on Venus Observations without any Venuses in it, we have decided.  So here, from last year, are some models publicising Bluebella lingerie in an underground train.  Underground lines in London are colour coded and these colours are reflected in the handrails in the carriages.  We can see here that these are red, indicating the Central Line, which is the route Edmund Molloy would have taken from Shepherd's Bush to British Museum Station in Chapter 4 of The Lust World.

Here are the ladies decorating the Central Line platform at Tottenham Court Road Underground station which is one stop west of the old British Museum Station and, today, one stop west of Holborn station which replaced it on the Central Line in 1933. 

We wonder what commuters of 1912 would have thought about today's lingerie and, indeed the fact that women are walking down the platform with it all on show!

In those days women would wear a camisole (waist length -bras were only just coming into fashion and would have been worn under the camisole) which offered no support, or a chemise (knee or mid calf length).  Over this would go, during this period, a long line corset which, at this time when the long slender look was in fashion, would start just below the bust and go down to the tops of the thighs with elasticated panels to enable the wearer to sit down.  Drawers would have been knee length, which were open at the crotch, and would go over the corset.

1912 corset with attached suspenders.  Note the elasticated panels at the hips

Stockings would be held up with garters or, just coming into fashion,would be attached to the bottom of the corset with straps that would become the typical suspenders (garter belts in the US) of a few years later. Over the top of the corset would be worn a sleeveless corset cover which usually came down to just below the waist or it could have a petticoat attached.  If separate, the petticoat would be worn over the top of everything.  Today;s women certainly have it easy!

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