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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Lust World - Chapter 5

Bloomsbury Square Gardens

I have just posted the next chapter of my erotic adventure story, The Lust World here

Edmund Molloy, a journalist, was assigned by his newspaper, The Daily Courier, to interview the notorious Professor Challenor, who was due to give a lecture on the discovery of prehistoric creatures in the jungles of Amazonia. Molloy was charmed by the Professor's flirtatious wife, Edith, who he had eavesdropped upon while she engaged in a bout of passion with her husband at their home in Bloomsbury Square Gardens.

The encounter in this chapter is based on an incident that happened to Agent Triple P in Rome in the nineteen eighties.  Triple P visited, with some colleagues, a lady businesswoman at her house for lunch one Friday (no work being done in most of Rome on Friday afternoons).  It being August and extremely hot we had been told to take our swimming things as the lady liked to ask her guests to join her in her plunge pool.  Agent Triple P, at twenty four, was very much the youngest guest there.  The head of our Italian office was in his sixties (he did not swim), our other colleagues from England were in their late fifties and the lady in question was in her early forties.  

After lunch, which was taken outside by the pool, she did encourage us all to join her in the water.  She removed her sun dress and then her bikini top and slipped straight in.  She had a fine, curvy figure and certainly didn't look her age.  We went inside her house to change and a very welcome twenty minutes was spent cooling off, as it was well over a hundred degrees.

We all got changed to leave soon after but Triple P could not find his watch which we must have dropped in the house inside.  She informed Triple P she would get in contact if she found it and that evening she contacted our hotel and informed Triple P that she had done so..  She suggested we come and pick it up the following morning (Saturday), which we did.  Events proceeded in very similar fashion to that related in this chapter. We later discovered that she had had her maid remove Triple P's watch from our pile of clothes while we were in the pool.  Unlike our hero in The Lust World, however, it was several days before we emerged, drained, from the clutches of this Italian water spider.


  1. Hahah! Wow. That spider caught you in her web!

  2. Dear Agent:

    I enjoy very much the kind of posts where you share anecdotes from your life.
    Being a total obsessive of british music (from the Stones to the Pistols to the Smiths to Pete Doherty and almost everything in between) I have "investigated" some of the aspects of Brit "culture" (obvious ones like James Bond, telly) and some of the not so accesible `round here (British 60's cinema, Monty Python, etc).
    I foind on this posts peeks into some of the views, education, social environment etc I have not found documented elsewhere (and some descriptions really put me there, like descriptions of how was a magazine sold in a certain store.). They are also done with a a wide perspective and there has to be an amount of passion in the work.
    Always an interesting read.

    1. Thank you! I suspect much of British culture looks more interesting from the outside and in retrospect than it did actually experiencing it at the time!