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Friday, June 10, 2016

Chinese Venus: Asia Zo for 13 Million views

Sometime last month, and unnoticed by Triple P amidst all the Italian and masturbating Venuses we celebrated in May, Venus Observations passed 13 million views.  Looking around for a country, US State or city of a population of 13 million we came across Guangzhou, with a population of 13,080,500.

It was quite tricky to find a suitable lady born there but we managed to find an unsuitable one instead.  Born in that city was 29 year old  former (she retired earlier this year) porn star Asia Zo.

We are particularly pleased to present her because her very existence, as a daughter of Guangzhou ,would give the Chinese a fit.

Earlier in the year we were working with a firm trying to organise an art exhibition in China and we became aware of all their censorship of art (as well as many other things).

Although we have met a few (a very few) nice Chinese people (yes, Angel, we are thinking of you) we cannot stand their unpleasant government and the way it treats its own people, let alone people in other countries.

We have been to China just once and have no intention of ever going there again, even if the government did, essentially, offer Triple P a really lovely girl in a floaty silk dress who took us up to the top of a hotel in Beijing to look down at the Forbidden City.  Rubbery!


  1. Wow! Yes, the Chinese government is extremely restricting. I once had an offer to go there to teach, but one of my friends who was from there grew concerned and warned me against it. Some other things ultimately helped me make the decision not to go, but their government and censorship was one of the things that made me leery.

    1. It's a deeply unpleasant place in many ways!