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Friday, June 3, 2016

Centrefold Venus of the Month 79: Inge, December 1981

The talented and lovely Scarlett Knight hosts quite the most beautiful and enticing Google+ page I have ever seen and often she has themes for the wonderful pictures she unearths, such as Sapphic Sunday.  One more being "hump day", which includes sensual pictures of couples.  Triple P had never heard the term 'hump day', used for Wednesday, before; it must be uncommon in Britain.  

One she seems to have launched today is "Fantasy Friday" and while we don't promise to post every week we thought that as it is Friday and we haven't had a centrefold of the week for a month we would find a fantasy themed one.

So here, photographed by Matti Klatt from December 1981's Hustler, we have a feisty swordsmistress called Inge, who while supposedly a Viking is more akin to fantasy females, such as Red Sonja, with her impressive sword and golden adornments.

She certainly looks like she could take on evil mages, pirates, undead priests, giant apes, cannibals, sand liches, palace guardsmen, nomadic tribesmen, giant snakes, northern barbarians and all the other things fantasy females have to take on.

Inge seems very keen on collecting treasure, the acquisition of which seems to make her very excited indeed. We note her horned helmet which is what, of course, makes her a fantasy figure, as real Vikings did not, despite Victorian illustrations, have horned helmets at all.

Here she is in her lair, deep in the forest holding her scabbard and dreaming of who knows what.  More gold, probably.

Here she admires an exotic tiara she liberated from a spoiled princess, deep in the harem of a desert city.  She not only took the princess' jewellery but she took her virginity with the pommel and handle of her sword, leaving the princess a quivering, orgasmic wreck.

She left the princess begging Inge to take her with her, back to her hideout in the verdurous woods but the swordsmistress thought she had no time for feeble, pampered, perfumed women who know nothing of battle.  They are only good for playthings, after another great quest.

More important than ravishing another willing female is eating enough to keep her strength up. No bowls of fruit or dainty sweetmeats for Inge, she likes a nice big joint of meat from an animal she has hunted herself.

After she has eaten her fill and drunk from the flask of wine she stole from the harem, she bathes in the golden coins she has stolen.

As the cool gold caresses her skin her female parts become moist and she recalls the gasping orgasm of the princess, squirming on her silken cushions as Inge penetrated her with her sword handle.

Unable to control herself any longer Inge touches her hot parts and wonders if she might return to the harem, one day in the future.  She assumes that the evil vizier will have replaced the ravening beasts that prowled the moat.

Fighting off the beasts will be no problem once more, she muses.  Toss them some chunks of meat once more and slay them as they feed.

Then she will climb the outside of the tower to the harem and the soft caress of the princess, who will be waiting for Inge, all warm and liquid.

Inge will present her taut posterior to the dripping princess and make her crawl across the heaped silks and furs, to pay homage to her barbarian ravisher.

The princess will gaze upon the swordsmistress' moist, pink parts and stare, despite herself, at the blonde barbarian's puckered sphincter.

It looks so tight and inviting to the princess.  Inge imagines the princess rubbing the pad of her finger across it and then gently sliding it to her entrance, which opens, invitingly for her.  All thoughts of calling the guard have gone from her mind as she delves into Inge's muscular ring.

In her lair, Inge can almost feel the touch of the Princess.  She slides her fingers into her moist parts and begins to rub.

Inge is adult actress and model Cara Lott, who has had a career lasting, off and on, for twenty five years.  This was her first appearance.  Lott had a friend photograph her, shortly after her eighteenth birthday, wearing lingerie and posing on top of a piano.  Lott sent it to Hustler, who invited her to be their Honey of the month for August 1981  She was nineteen when these pictures were taken. We will write more about her when we get to the Pubic Wars entry for October to December 1981, later in the year.


  1. What a nice one for Fantasy Friday! ;) Also, thank you so much for the kind words about my postings!

  2. It's a good look!

  3. This was funny :) Nice accompanying text for pictures, Triple P.

  4. Maybe For a future fantasy Friday, Jan 2014 playmate Roos Van Montfort looks nice in chainmail & has 2 wolves

  5. Write a story! We need a story about Inge!

  6. Oh my! I remember this pictorial. And you would be hard-pressed to imagine what I used to imagine while viewing this, hardly vestal, vixen's velvety vulva! And, as for Viking head-gear, I'm sure that "Lotts" of hard, horny helmets would be presented to such an alluring Valkyrie as Inge, (and, of course, have been since this spread of Cara was published)!

    And, Agent Triple P, I absolutely love how you've spun her self-induced squirming around the premise of sapphic sexuality! Perhaps enlisting Inge as an under-cover element of the Princess' personal guard would be a prudent choice? After all, what would-be interloper would expect to find such an adept sword-mistress so closely-guarding her charge's person?!


  7. Great pics of Cara! I love the closeups of her pussyhole and asshole! I'm dying to kiss her ass! What a gorgeous girl with beautiful hair and a great body too !i