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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Venus by Request 1: Valentina from Playmen

We always try to deal with requests from our readers but sometimes we are unable to do so.  For example, it is quite common for people to request more of a particular girl who features in The Pubic Wars but often we just don't have enough high quality images to do a post.  

Another reason for not posting particular girls is that they come from a month where we have used up our full complement of available months for our centrefold of the week or non-centrefold of the week features.  Now, regular readers will know that I am very behind in what was supposed to be a monthly feature.(later, two features, which was optimistic).  A reader requested more shots of Valentina, who was our centrefold of the week last week, in our imaginatively titled Centrefold Venus of the Week blog, where I a manage to restrain my tendency to ramble on by banning text completely.  

Now, the really rather lovely Valentina was the Playgirl of the Month for May 1985 in Italy's Playboy clone, Playmen.  However, for some reason we have filled our complement of May centrefolds of the month and while we could have posted her as 2016's offering we actually have a backlog of more requested May girls, so will post one of those instead later and will make Valentina our first official Venus by Request.

Playmen's first issue was published in 1967, a bold move in a still very censorius Italy when Playboy was banned in the country.  It rode the wave of increasing liberation and political activism seen in some European countries in the late sixties.  We will look at the magazine in more depth shortly.

It featured a lot of Italian girls, initially but later started to use more American models as the magazine got slightly more explicit in the seventies and eighties.  Valentina, according to the magazine, was actually born in Malta which gave the writers in the magazine the curious idea of saying that her effect on the viewer was similar to the symptoms of Maltese fever, as the Italians call brucellosis.  She "inflames the heart and the senses and there is no medicine, there is no antibiotic that can combat it,"  Or something similar; Triple P's Italian is rather rusty.

Whether she is Maltese or Italian we don't know as the text tells us nothing else about her.  A lot of Italians (especially Sicilians) live on Malta and the Sicilian families we used to know always got their children's nannies from Malta as their were close historical links between the two.

From 1984 until 1992 Triple P spent a lot of time in Italy setting up and managing a number of offices for his employer.  We learnt about Italian wine, food, music and women and it still remains our favourite non-English speaking foreign country.

At that point we had only travelled to four countries: France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands (our total is now 63) so we had no preconceived thoughts about local women and, in fact, it never occurred to us that we might interact with them intimately when we first arrived in Rome to stay at he Excelsior Hotel.  We had not counted on the fact that Roman women thought Englishmen were exotic and that all women in Rome liked men who stayed at top flight five star hotels and had large entertainment expense accounts. Triple P was once sent to a large event with £5,000 in cash for "entertaining clients" and we were told before we left that "we don't expect to see any change".

Anyway, our initial stay in Italy was for a couple of months to help set up the office. One of the new staff we had hired, Max, was about Triple P's age and he undertook to show us Rome, starting out with trips to various piano bars, nightclubs and hotel restaurants which were filled with petite (Roman women were much smaller than, for example, Milanese women, I discovered) dark haired lovelies who all seemed extremely attracted to Triple P even though we spoke no Italian at that point and very few of them spoke English.

After we had had one of these girls living in our hotel suite for about a week, having met her in the Grand Hotel bar (and when we saw the Grand Hotel we soon switched hotels) my friend from the office , Max, told me that she had told him that she didn't want to upset me but she really needed to go back to her husband (she can't have been more than 21).   She thought we would be devastated but of course we were fine about it and slightly relieved because she was hopelessly untidy, ate a lot of fagioli and farted a lot, as a result (or maybe that was all the backdoor sex which Roman girls seemed very fond of)..  Still, she had a lovely bottom, a cute smile and a thick black fleece so these became our sought after characteristics going forward.

We met her replacement about two weeks later, sitting outside an ice cream parlour opposite the Pantheon.  She had come over to say hello because I was the only man there in a suit.  And so it went on for eight very entertaining years. Very friendly girls in Rome (in contrast, I later found, to their Milanese sisters).  We contemplated getting engaged to one aristocratic young lady but her family would not allow marriage to a non-Catholic.  She eventually got married to an American Catholic from Boston and lives in the US but we stay in touch and still see her when she comes to London once a year or so.

That girl was actually a light brunette but, after a sequence of redheads and blondes in Britain, we experienced our first blue-black thatched lady in Italy and enjoyed many more during the eighties.  It was at this time, too, that we discovered Playmen, which we used to buy from a newsstand on the Via Veneto every month as part of our delving into Italian culture. So, Valentina, brings back a lot of memories of mid-eighties Italian fun and is a fine contribution to Italian month in Venus Observations.


  1. Grazie Signori Triplicare P! As the requester, I'm honoured :)

  2. Thank you Triple P and thanks also to the requester. I thought to myself twice as I visited the blog that I should request this one myself, but just never got around to it.