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Monday, May 16, 2016

Italian Venus: Giorgia Würth, Giro madrina for 2012

Or rather, half Italian Venus because, although born in Genoa, her father is Swiss as you can tell by her surname. Still, she is another perky (very perky in this shot) woman (born in 1979) to look good holding the curious Giro trophy, which looks like a giant, golden potato snack.

Giorgia has a degree in communications sciences, which probably isn't to do with how radio waves are broadcast and so forth.  She also studied singing and acting and, less surprisingly, did some modelling.

She got her first job as a presenter on the Italian Disney Channel at the age of twenty one.  A number of TV announcer and presenter jobs followed plus a music video appearance.  She was soon doing TV and film acting roles and generally being an attractive girl about town.

She has appeared in many magazine pictorials but we are going to look at just three here.   Firstly, in 2009 she featured on the cover of and in a pictorial in Maxim, entwined with a snake.

In April 2011 she appeared in Playboy Italia in some arty but not very revealing shots, although the one of her naked back is rather splendid.

More recently, here she is in June 2012's Max which would have appeared during her time as madrina of the Giro.

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