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Monday, May 9, 2016

Italian Venus: Cristina Chiabotto, Giro Madrina 2015

As we feature more Italian ladies to celebrate the 99th edition of the Giro d'Italia, it's back a year for the madrina of 2015's Giro, in the leggy form of Cristina Chiabotto.

Cristina won the Miss Italy competition in November 2004, just a couple of months past her eighteenth birthday.  This led to a host of press and advertising jobs.  At just half an inch under six feet tall she towered over most of the other contestants.

In 2005 she took part in the second series of Ballando con le stelle, the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars (the UK's Strictly Come Dancing).  On this she met fellow competitor, actor Fabio Fulco and they linked up romantically.

Now, in our last post we said how much we came to appreciate Italian women's black hair, having had a lot of blonde and redheaded girlfriends prior to this.  One thing we don't like,, we are afraid, are women (particularly dark haired ones) who dye their hair.  It's fake, never looks natural and also makes their hair the consistency of high tensile straw.  

We make an exception for some redheads who dye their hair red as red hair has less pigment in it and so redheads go grey early.  One of Triple P's girlfriends was quite grey by the time she reached thirty.  Fair enough to get back to your natural colour but black to blonde? No (sorry, Jessica Alba).

So we much prefer Cristina with her natural black hair colour, than as a stringy blonde.  She has kept herself very busy as a TV presenter; hosting a whole host of TV shows in Italy.  Italian Wikipedia describes her as a TV presenter, model and showgirl.  

We don't think that anyone on UK TV would be described as a 'showgirl' but all credit to the Italians for still featuring attractive women on TV whose only job is to look attractive.

Since 2013 she became a presenter on the Juventus football team's own TV station, no doubt helped by the fact that she is a lifelong supporter of the team and looks great in the team kit.

Cristina was born in Piedmont, not far from Turin, in the north of Italy and will be thirty years old this September.

She was chosen to be the madrina of the 2015 Giro and did all the requisite posing with the trophy and the competition leaders jerseys.

So, another fine former Miss Italy as madrina of the Giro.  We can't imagine the Tour of Britain having someone in such a role but then she would have to look good in waterproof clothes.  Another former madrina soon.

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