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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Italian Venus: Cristiana Capotondi, Giro madrina for 2011

As the Giro d'Italia finished this weekend it is time for the last of our Giro madrine, Cristiana Capotondi, from 2011.

As usual, she had to be on duty for the launching of the Giro jerseys as well as pose in the leader';s maglia rosa and the usual pink evening dress for the official launch event,  

Cristiana is not like most of the other madrine we have featured in that she isn't a showgirl/model who does a bit of acting but is a proper actress in leading roles on film and TV.  Her charms are more subtle than obvious but we think she is delicately lovely.

Cristiana was born in Rome in September 1980 and did a communications degree at Sapienza University in Rome.  This is one of the oldest universities in Europe and was founded in 1303.

She got her first acting role at the age of thirteen in the Italian TV series Amico Mio.  She appeared in many TV series over the next few years and appeared in her first film in 1995 at the age of fifteen.  

It was nine years until her next film role, although she continued to appear in TV series and commercials, but from then on was a regular in both supporting and leading roles.

In 2009 she took the title role in the lavish Italian mini-series Sisi, where she played Empress Elisabeth of Austria.  In 2006 and 2011 she was nominated for  David di Donatello awards; the Italian Oscars, so she is not just a model who acts, like some of the other madrine we have featured.  In 2014 she made her directorial debut with a short film.

In August 2006 she made a rare glamour magazine appearance (compared with some of the other madrine we have featured) for Max magazine.

Her pictorial was photographed by Giovanni Cozzi, who has shot other pictorials for Max (including their 2005 calendar).

This is our favourite shot of her, which showcases her lovely face, fine hip/waist ratio and perky bust. 

Cristiana was the second in the current incarnation of madrine (which began in 2010).  The first, Yolanthe Cabau, wasn't Italian (every subsequent madrina has been) so we won't include her here this week but will post her shortly, as she is lovely but in  amuch more assertive way than Cristiana.

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  1. Wow--a divinely sexy creature. Didn't know about her. Thanks.