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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Italian Venus: Chiara Francini, Giro madrina for 2014

While the last two Giro madrine have both been beauty queens, TV presenters and showgirls the lady chosen for the 2014 race was a proper actress, Chiara Francini.  Born in Florence she studied humanities at university  before doing a three year theatre course. After this she did two years in a theatre company in Rome.

Maschi contro femmine

She got her first film role in 2003 and since then has appeared in two dozen films including the Spike Lee directed, Miracle at St Anna (2008).  She unveiled her impressive body in the film Maschi contro femmine (2008)

She is also a regular on Italian TV and is currently appearing as a principal character in the RAI series Non Dirlo al mio Capo (Do not tell my boss) whyere she plays an unlikely babysitter.

A big fan of Monica Belluccim she certainly has something of her sultry charm and elegance while having a rather retro style of her own.

Now 36 years old, she did all the requisite pink jersey posing in her role as 2014 madrina of the Giro.

All in all a very fine example of Italian femininity!