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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Italian Venus: Alessia Ventura, Giro madrina for 2013

So back to 2013 and the lady who was chosen to be that year's Giro madrina, Alessia Ventura.   Signorina Ventura, has a whole host of skills and is described as an actress, model, showgirl, TV presenter and dancer. What a talented lady she is!

Alessia parades the Giro trophy before the 2013 race

Here she is wearing some rather bicycle pedal unfriendly shoes.

Alessia had her first modelling jobs at the age of fifteen and by the time she was sixteen she was already a showgirl on Italian TV.

Deciding to stretch her abilities she studied acting and got a number of TV commercial and sit-com parts.

She has kept herself busy with TV work and modelling jobs; representing a number of Italian fashion brands.

Earlier this year she was promoting the imaginatively named Hair Company Professional.

Almost inevitably, she acquired a professional footballer for a boyfriend. She has a rather sixties look about her which we find rather appealing.  Another goal by the Giro organisers!

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  1. That's a lovely girl but those high heel bicycle shoes are simply ridiculous.