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Friday, May 6, 2016

Cycling Venus: Giorgia Palmas, Madrina for the Giro d'Italia 2016

The Giro d'Italia cycle race, the first of the big tours, began today, in Apeldoorn in the Netherlands, oddly, given that it doesn't border with Italy.  The jovially politically incorrect Italians appoint a madrina (godmother) for the event and this year it is a Sardinian lady called Giorgia Palmas, who got the event off to a suitably pink start.

Earlier she had unveiled this year's leader's jerseys by modelling the Giro leader's maglia rosa or pink jersey.

Palmas first came to fame in 2000, at the age of eighteen, when as Miss Italy she came second in the Miss World competition.  Two years later she was chosen to be one of the two young women (always one blonde and one brunette known as Veline) who deliver news items to the newsreaders (and dance about) in the long running Italian satirical news TV show Striscia la notizia, which raised her profile in Italy considerably.

After her two year stint on Striscia la notizia she appeared in a number of other Italian TV shows while continuing to work as a model, becoming the 'face' of Cotton Club underwear.

In 2005 she posed for Max magazine, which was always a fine source for pictures of underdressed young continental women. 

 Max centrefold February 2005

She was the centrefold and was portrayed almost falling out of her clothes in a number of shots.

She must have been popular, as Max had her back to feature in their 2006 calendar.  Triple P had a number of these fine calendars over the years and they were large and impressive productions, each page being three times the size of the (oversized) magazine. 

She had even more trouble keeping her clothes on in these shots.

In 2011 she took part in the eighth series of L'isola dei famosi, which is the Italian version of Celebrity Survivor.  The show features a mixture of celebrities, relatives of celebrities (in this series it included Brigitte Nielsen's son and Garibaldi's great grandson!) and non-celebrities.  Palmas was up against twenty other contestants, including three other models, one of whom was Croatian model Nina Moric, who was the subject of the 2008 Max Calendar. Palmas won the whole show.

From 2004 until 2011 she was engaged to Italian footballer Davide Bombardini and they had a daughter together, although they are no longer a couple.  More recently she has been attached to Vittorio Brumotti an extreme cyclist, appropriately

In 2011, 2013 and 2014 she was co-host of Paperissimi Sprint a TV and video bloopers show.

Agent Triple P has always had an appreciation for young Italian women and TV stations in Italy still parade lovely girls for no other reason than that they are lovely.  They have not succumbed to politically correct cries about the objectfication of women.  And what a lovely object Giorgia Palmas, who turned 34 in March, is.  A very fine 'godmother' for the Giro!

Over the next few weeks, as the Giro runs its course, we will feature more Italian ladies, including some previous madrine of the race.


  1. She's a hottie, Triple P. I'm partial to her April 2006 page too ...

  2. Hi Agent 3P. Since I started reading this blog my knowledge of the English language has taken a giant leap. I live in Belgium and we over here are used to study foreign languages. However, when it came to female anatomy in English at school, we never got further than tits and pussy (eighties, I must be from the same generation as Agent 3P and share the same taste). New vocabulary is: hairy fluff, groin, flashing bits, going pink, assertive spread, golden fleece, perky nipples, etc. what a treasure. This blog should be compulsory reading for all people studying English. Keep up the good work. By the way: in the eighties the magazine NEW LOOK produced splendid pictures of wonderful hairy girls (all went pink!). Would Agent 3P mind dedicating a page to them one day? NEW LOOK pictures are hard to find on internet.

    1. Yes NewLook (which was linked to Penthouse) had some fantastic pictures. I will see what I can find!