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Friday, April 22, 2016

The Lust World: A Sexual Odyssey

Venus Observations is all about the visual, so we hope you will excuse us in trailing a literary venture on these pages.

For some time Triple P has been discussing writing an erotic story with our friend Sophie.  We have started a number of tales which we have shared with her and several of our other mutual friends who have all contributed suggestions and even scenarios.  These stories, originally based on the adventures of a group of French lady archaeologists in Egypt in 1921, have grown far beyond what they were originally intended to do  and got ever more complex; with extended flashbacks and such like.  They will need some rigorous editing! Sophie suggested starting a new story from scratch.  Triple P and she had often mused about the possibility of taking a classic adventure story and "sexing it up".   An early favourite was to do something with A Journey to the Centre of the Earth but recent discussions have centred around The Lost World, mainly because it has dinosaurs in it! 

We reread the novel last summer and decided to write a first chapter to see how it might go. Very soon we began to deviate from the original story; just keeping versions of the main characters  (and in typical Hollywood style, adding female ones not in the book) but retaining the core story of a group of explorers travelling to South America looking for a dinosaur infested plateau.

We decided to set it in the original date of 1912 which, of course, raised all sorts of issues regarding historical factors.  Still,we have enjoyed researching such things as ocean liners (unlike the book, which skips over the sea voyage to South America we couldn't resist having our characters on an ocean liner for an extend period), hotels (and discovered things such as London hotels did not have en suite bathrooms or room service at the time), the level of contemporary understanding of dinosaurs, the layout of the Natural History Museum, menstrual protection for women (almost unbelievably cumbersome), the names of London Underground stations (some have changed) and that critical and complex subject of women's lingerie.

Conan Doyle was one of the greatest writers of popular fiction and his elegant, spare, prose is impossible to better,  so although we have made no attempt to write in the style of a hundred years ago we have tried to avoid the anachronistic use of some words and expressions. 

All in all we have managed to include a host of things we have always been interested in: dinosaurs (both real and the ones at Crystal Palace), ocean liners. luxury hotels, women's lingerie, English country houses, old cars, hunting rifles, the railways, the Amazon and bordellos; to name but a few.

The story is organised into the following parts:

Part One: London

Our hero, Edmund Molloy, becomes involved in an expedition to South America and has his first experiences with women.

Part Two: Hampshire and London

Molloy attends the birthday weekend of Lord James Hoxton, a fellow expedition member and participates in an orgiastic few days in a country house.

Part Three: Liverpool to Brazil 

The expedition members sail to Brazil via Portugal and Madeira and have many passionate encounters on board.

Part Four: Brazil, 

The expedition penetrates the depths of the Amazon jungle.  

Part Five: The Plateau

On the plateau they discover strange creatures and strange peoples.

Part Six: London

They return to London, much changed by their experiences.

So far we have written all of part one and two and are well into part three.  We have also written a lot of part five.  Each chapter is six to ten pages long and we have written over fifty chapters so far - some 450 pages or 225,000 words.  All since last summer.

Sophie has been urging us to put it online which we have resisted, as it is really a private piece written for a group of close friends, but she thinks that some people might enjoy it.  We have, therefore, set up another blog and will post a chapter every few weeks or so to see if anyone looks at it. As she says, we are more likely to complete it if others are waiting for it (unlike my previous efforts).


  1. Going to read this immediately!! (If you need an editor, you know where to find me!)

  2. 👋 very much looking forward to all the tales.
    If you've already written part three, don't keep it from us! Thanks x

    1. I am not writing it in chronological order so there are gaps in the story at present but there will be another episode this week. The last one picked up a lot of views in a short time.