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Friday, April 8, 2016

Non-centrefold Venus of the Month 34: Angie Graham, June 1977

My series of posts on sporting young British ladies seemed to go down well and I agree with those who appreciated their natural, tattoo-free curves.  

So why not present another British girl next door by the river?  We don't often feature girls from Mayfair magazine because they can look a bit doughy-looking and the photography itself can be rather artless but sometime there is nothing wrong with simplicity.  So here, from June 1977, is Angie Graham.

She is certainly located on a nice riverbank somewhere and while Mayfair did feature foreign girls shot by foreign photographers, usually on sunny beaches to bring some sunshine to the otherwise leaden skied local outdoor shoots, this looks like a British girl by a British river.

Her pictures are by Roger Pearson, a photographer about whom we can find out nothing whatsoever and he provides a straightforward pictorial with Miss Graham starting out in a crocheted micro dress and then gradually stripping off.

The pictures are, unusually, presented in chronological order and we suspect the shoot didn't take very long, which was probably a good thing as you never know who might turn up and when when shooting outside.

She has a very Mayfair type body, with lots of soft looking curves and would enhance any riverside walk.

Angie has lovely blue eyes, unusually for such a dark haired woman and they really light up her face.  Not all Mayfair girls were pretty at this time but she really is.

It usually isn't worth reporting on the text accompanying her pictures as Mayfair's descriptions of their models were usually total fiction.  It says she was 5' 6" tall, 36B-26-36, 27 years old, a fromer RAF pin up and lived in West Yorkshire.

Rather more unusually, Mayfair admitted she was a model, as usually they made up some nonsensical piece about the girls being secretaries/nurses/estate agents who inevitably drove E-Type Jaguars and liked riding at the weekends.

In fact, in this case, everything in the blurb appears to be true.  Her real name is Angela Graham, she was a model at the time and was indeed, as was mentioned in the text, a pin-up for 655 Squadron of the Royal Air Force.

She even toured with them to Northern Ireland in the seventies.  Here she is providing morale boosting services to the military.

Here she is in a photograph which appeared in the Daily Mirror in the Seventies, showing how she could look rather more sophisticated than Mayfair had her.

In the eighties she took up body building and became the UK champion and came second in the European championships.  Here she is in 1982, just five years after her Mayfair pictures..  Now, we don't like the bodybuilder look at all and much prefer her softer Mayfair incarnation.


However, she has kept herself very fit, to the extent that nearly forty years after her Mayfair shots she doesn't look anything like her real age of mid sixties and she is still recognisably the same woman. and still living in Yorkshire. Well done Angela!  You look splendid!

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