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Monday, April 18, 2016

Non-centrefold Venus of the Month 18: Felicity Driscoll, February 1980

Honestly, you don't get a Mayfair pictorial for months and then two come along within ten days.  There is a reason for this, of course, and that reason was that I was looking through my collection for a particular pictorial but, in doing so, was very taken with this one of Felicity (as she almost certainly wasn't called).

This one came from Volume 15, number 2 which dates from February 1980.  Not that you would really be able to tell from the style of the pictorial, as Mayfair's shoots looked pretty much as they did for the previous eight years.  There was no gradual pushing of the boundaries of explicitness here, in contrast with what was happening at Penthouse and Paul Raymond's publications (although the latter had back tracked a bit during this period).

Mayfair pretty much had two types of pictorial at this point.  The first featured largely British models ;,usually shot inside or in a grey looking location somewhere in Britain.  The girls tended to be wholesome looking, busty and, by today's standards for such magazines. perhaps carrying a bit more weight than would be seen now.

The second type were as we have here; girl posed on a tropical looking beach somewhere.  You just know it isn't Eastbourne.   The girls also don't look like they come from Eastbourne.

Despite this, Mayfair carried on their pretence that all these sun kissed creatures are really girls called Felicity or Emily or Charlotte.  They all have jolly interesting jobs in an office and a racy little sports car.  Never once do they say "and here is Carmen a lovely model from Spain (or wherever), obviously reasoning that while foreign girls (especially French and Scandinavian ones) are very sexy they might just be a bit too sexy for their average readers.

Anyway, one of the photographers who supplied a lot of these girls in sunshine was Siwer Ohlsson (as here).  Ohlsson was born in Sweden in 1940 and dropped out of school to become a photographer at the age of 15.  After working at a photographic store, learning about film processing and camera technique, he got a job as an assistant to a number of fashion photographers in Stockholm.  After travelling around Europe he settled in the south of Spain in 1962. More tourists were coming to the area and he started looking for models on the beaches whose bikini pictures he could sell to magazines, beginning his glamour career.  He did a lot to promote the image of the beautiful Swedish girl in the sixties and seventies.

Anyway, 'Felicity' doesn't look at all Swedish and looking through the magazine what attracted Triple P's attention was her luxuriant, blue-black bush.  What a particularly fine example it is and the shot immediately above actually makes our palm tingle!

All of Triple P's first girlfriends were light brunettes, (real) blondes or redheads and it wasn't until we had started our first job that we came across (!) our first black bush like this.  It belonged to a Greek girl, F, in our firm and having got very drunk at the office Christmas party one Friday in December, we ended up in her flat in Kennington and stayed for the weekend, playing with her black bush.  The firm had a strict rule about no relationships between staff so we mutually agreed to call it an enjoyable one off (anyway, she had a boyfriend and Triple P had a girlfriend).  It did get us much more interested in seeking out black haired Italian girls, however, when we started to travel to Italy on business a lot, a few years later.

We have found another full pictorial of the lovely Felicity, also from Mayfair, but as that is a centrefold one we will post it separately very shortly.  In the mean time, here are a couple of outtakes from this shoot, which appeared elsewhere.  What a splendidly proportioned young woman she was!


  1. Wow, she is definitely my type... Delish ;)

  2. Your comment about Mayfair's blatant Anglicisation of patently foreign young ladies brings to mind a set of a rather fetching blonde allegedly named Molly or some such and hailing from Norfolk. Some comment was made about her having a pilot's licence and to hammer the point home, she was draped prettily over a yellow Tiger Moth biplane. But to anyone who had spent his pre-pubescent years hanging around airfields with binoculars and a notepad, the large SE- on the side of the plane said Sweden, nearly as effectively as the young lady's blonde pubic hair.

  3. Very lovely, perfection indeed. Looking forward to that other pictorial.

  4. I think it's Mayfair's lack of "boundary pushing" that appeals to me about their model shoots. Girls are "wholesome", even if they weren't as British as claimed, and I still enjoy the Mayfair posts when you feature them.