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Sunday, April 3, 2016

More Rowing Venuses

Our final British university naked calendar post features pictures from the calendars produced by the Newcastle University Boat Club women's squad.  They certainly got a good turnout of their ladies for the cover of the 2013 edition. 

Not really naked, of course, as they are wearing the inevitable wellies.  It's easy to play spot the cox in these pictures!

Not really naked here either and, we think, wearing knickers makes the picture look rather more salacious than not wearing anything at all.  The trophy indicates that they are not a bunch of publicity seeking nobodies but are, in fact, one of the very best ladies rowing clubs in the country with multiple medals at UK and international competition, as well as regularly providing rowers for the national squads.

Another large group shot, taken outside their boathouse in the village of Newburn on the River Tyne, five miles upstream from the centre of Newcastle.

Compared with the girls from Warwick they don't have quite such a bucolic stretch of river to train on with rather more residential and light industrial buildings in the area.  And pylons.  Lots of pylons.

Built in 1953, their boathouse was starting to deteriorate but in 2009 the University put up half a million pounds to update it and add a new boat shed.

We are sure that their changing room does not look as immaculate as this during training season!  Or maybe it does!

The Tyne is still tidal at this point, hence the necessity for steps down to the water.  The colour shots are publicity pictures for the calendar.

This series has them getting muddy down by the river and then giving themselves a good scrub.  Given the weather in the North East of England this is really quite brave!

All rowing clubs need powered boats for coaches, marshals and rescue but these outboards seem pretty hefty for a river.

Somebody here didn't get her tan in Newcastle, we suspect!

A few portraits of the ladies near the boathouse and even a hint of sun in the bottom one (so to speak) of stroke Rosie Rust.

Finally, to bring our pictorial to a fine end we have these fantasy-inducing shots of the ladies getting ready for and appearing in their final calendar shot, in the showers.  Obviously their training has resulted in them being able to do synchronised hair washing!

Just splendid!


  1. Some really gorgeous shots in this one!

  2. And no tattoos anywhere!

  3. A very lovely series, Triple P :)

  4. Great to see such pretty, healthy girls, clearly enjoying themselves and their sport, not to mention their lovely bodies