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Friday, April 1, 2016

More naked calendar sports Venuses

Aberystwyth University Netball Team

We had a comment on our post on the Warwick University rowers naked calendar, to the effect that such a thing would not have been allowed in the US, particularly as University facilities were involved.  This brings to mind some of the Playboy pictorials from the seventies and eighties when girls posing got in particular trouble because they were wearing items of uniform or there were other elements that tied them to a particular employer.

Warwick University Rowing Club

We have commented many times in this blog on the peculiar attitude to nudity that still exists in many parts of the United States and while, in some ways, the UK lies between US and European attitudes there is no doubt that British women are often the first to strip off when travelling to beaches in the Mediterranean that permit it; which is most of them.  We don't really have nude beaches in Britain anymore as since 2003 being naked in public in Britain has not been an offence and we have seen plenty of naked or near naked ladies on beaches here during the rare summers when it is warm enough!  Triple P's friend from Canada got warned by a policeman on Santa Monica beach when she took her top off, however.  What are Americans afraid of?  It frankly baffles us!

Glasgow University  Rowing Club

Anyway, just to prove that the Warwick ladies weren't a one off we will present some more healthy calendar ladies from our university sports teams.   At top we have the ladies of the Aberystwyth University Netball team in Wales enjoying themselves down on the farm.  Here we have a very fine turn out from Glasgow University Boat club.

Newcastle University Boat Club

Another women's rowing club who have published a number of naked calendars is Newcastle University.  This is one of the top women's rowing clubs in the country and at the National Championships a couple of years ago they finished fourth overall and second university eight to Cambridge, so they are rather more than  a collection of naked bodies.  They deserve their own post but for now here they are in glorious colour,

Oxford University Lacrosse team

Also, giving us a good number of brave ladies is the lacrosse team from Triple P's old University, Oxford.  They get extra points for posing in such a public place!

Oxford University Rugby Team

Here is the Oxford ladies rugby team.  There certainly wasn't a ladies rugby team at Oxford when Triple P was there. Sadly, in the first ever women's rugby match between Oxford and Cambridge in December 2015 the dark blues were thrashed 52-0 by Fenbog.  Never mind, the Oxford ladies win the prize for getting the highest number of their team to strip off.

University of Manchester Rugby Club

Not far behind, though, from up north in Manchester are their university women's rugby club who, like their Oxford sisters, keep their socks on!

Oxford University Netball Team

The girls at Oxford are obviously less shy than when we were there.  Actually, Triple P did quite a bit of rowing photography when he was there and for one ladies college in particular.  He was recently sent an email (after our Warwick post) by one of the coxes at this college who reminded him of an occasion when one of the ladies' crews invited him in to the shower after training and he rapidly made his excuses and left in some disarray!  Lady rowers are assertive and en masse can be quite scary!

Southampton University Athletics Union

This grubby lot from Southampton look very inviting, however and we don't think we would have fled from them!  

Bristol University netball team

Nearly all of these charity calendars are black and white but Bristol went for a full colour one for their netball team.

Cardiff University Netball Team

More Welsh fillies from Cardiff, looking very happy in the changing room with their netball..

Oxford University fencing team

All of these ladies deserve kudos for braving the puritans, the sniggering press and misled extreme feminists to raise money for charity  However, we must give a few extra points to the Oxford fencing team for posing with their male teammates.  That really takes confidence!

Now, surely, there must be one American university equivalent?


  1. I love these charity calendar posts :)

  2. Me too! More naked sports girlies!

  3. I wonder what River they row own at GLasgow - if it's the Clyde they're just going through the "motions"

  4. At Oxford, Are they mixed naked fights?

    1. I am sure they follow the rules of the International fencing federation and only have same sex fights. Afterwards, however...

  5. Fantastic pics! specially from Warwick & Glasgow University