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Monday, April 25, 2016

Bathing Venuses:Les Baigneuse and other nudes by Yves Diey

Here is a lovely sub-Renoir painting of three girls bathing in a pool or river by the French painter Yves Diey.  The girl on the left is particularly and delightfully Renoiresque. She looks like she may have just sensed someone approaching and doesn't seem worried about it at all!  This picture sold at Christie's, just over three years ago. for £4.375; slightly over the top estimate.

Here are some very different looking ladies from the largely fair haired bathers.  Diey painted quite a number of scenes set in Spain, often featuring Spanish dancers and musicians and thees ladies definitely have an Iberian look about them   Several of them could conceivably be the same woman.  The one above dates from 1935.

Diey was a prolific painter and turned out many simple reclining nudes like these, presumably because they sold well.   The one above is dated 1936.

These are pretty formulaic paintings and would have been quite old fashioned, even in the nineteen thirties but the quality of his brushwork is high, which is probably while they still command pretty good prices today and you would need several thousand pounds if you wanted to buy one at auction.

Although well-known to art dealers, not much is known about Diey himself, disappointingly.  He was born in 1892 and died in 1984, so had a good run.  Most of these pictures seem to date from the mid nineteen thirties but not many are dated, so it is difficult to know if most were painted in the thirties and forties (we know he won a painting prize in Paris in 1942) or whether they were done over the many decades of his long life.

Apart from his Spanish pictures he also did quite a few of Moroccan subjects.  Sometimes, as here, he combined his nude women with his North African or Spanish subjects.

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