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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Draped Venus by Charles Schenk

Here are a couple of studies of an enticing young woman by American photographer Charles Schenk.  The top one, in particular has a real sensuality to it engendered, as much as anything, by the models expression.  Her face and hair are an almost perfect evocation of Charles Dana Gibson's Gibson Girl illustrations of the times

These collotype photographs come from Schenk's 1902 book Draperies in Action, the first nude art book of the twentieth century.  The lady's figure is in contrast to what we would expect today but they were very much to the taste of the time.  Women's proportions, when the average height for a woman was just 5' 2" were rather different in those days with broad hips and short legs being the order of the day.  

Schenk was more well known for his 1898 photographic book displaying disembodied hands holding things, which were much appreciated by artists and illustrators of the time.  Recently, these very practical pictures have attracted something of a cult following as works of art in their own right, rather than simple illustrators aids.

More draped Schenk ladies another time.

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