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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Unshaven Venus 2: Monique Offner

I recently had a comment from someone, commenting on one of my my Pubic Wars posts covering 1972, who enjoys unshaven armpits on ladies and he mentioned that the progenitor of this particular interest was this photograph from the August 1972 issue of Playboy.  This lady is Monique Offner who appeared in the pictorial The Girls of Munich.  Triple P has enjoyed interacting with several German ladies and they all had this natural state.  

We also remember the appearance of German punkette Nena who appeared in her video for her hit 99 Luftballoons in 1983 in a similarly delightful  unkempt state.  This is much less common that it was  in Germany, apparently.  Certainly Triple P's particular German friend B is now quite smooth.  But then British girls were hairier in the late seventies and early eighties too!

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  1. As a German male, I can confirm this. Shaving armpits did not become popular with German women before 2000, I would say.