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Monday, February 29, 2016

Springtime Venuses by Alphonse Mucha

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and here in the south of England we have had our mildest winter since records began and records began in the seventeenth century!  All of the daffodils, which usually come out in March or April were in flower before Christmas so are now almost all dead.  Very odd.  That said, it was zero degrees this morning and they keep giving out dire warnings about snow at Easter.  In 1975 we had a good fall in mid-April so it could happen, given Easter is early this year. 

So to welcome Spring we offer up a trio of interpretations of the season by Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939).  All are part of different versions of the four seasons which he produced during his time in Paris, at the end of the nineteenth and the begining of the twentieth centuries.  The top one was from a set produced by the publisher Champenois in 1895, the year of Mucha's first great triumph with his original poster of Sarah Bernhardt.  The prints were such a success that Champenois commissioned another set of four seasons pictures in 1897 (above) and in 1900 (below) to tie in with the Universal Exhibition in Paris.

Now all we need is the warmer weather!


  1. Oh, I love Mucha :) If you need warmer weather, come to Texas! This time last year, we had ice and snow, but this week the trees are blooming in unusually warm weather.

  2. Very nice pieces of art. I especially like the last one.