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Friday, February 26, 2016

Personally Selected Venus 10: Tessa Hewitt

Possessor of one of the most magnificent bushes of the early eighties, Page 3 girl Tessa Hewitt brings some gold flecked heat to a pretty cold evening here in south east England tonight.

As an eighteen year old she was picked up by Sylvester Stallone, then in his thirties, in Tramp nightclub in London in 1979 and they had a two week affair. "I'd like to say that he was amazing in bed and that we did it all night, every night, but the truth is he wasn't and we didn't." she later said, rather ungraciously, although she admitted she was 'smitten' with him.

In 1981 she was the girlfriend of pop singer Adam Ant who she had also met at a nightclub.  Just after he met her he went off on tour in America without her, although they resumed their relationship on his return.

Carole Caplin

She introduced him to a topless dancer she knew called Carole Caplin and, unbeknown to Hewitt, Ant started an affair with Caplin and gradually distanced himself from Hewitt.  Many years later Caplin became famous as style advisor to UK prime minister Tony Blair's wife, Cheri, and also gave massages to Blair as his 'fitness advisor'.

Hewitt in Oui

Hewitt appeared in a pictorial in the July 1980 issue of Oui, shot by John Kelly, looking characteristically sparkly.  That year Hewitt had a walk on part in Flash Gordon (1980) as a Hawk woman.  Six years later she had an equally small role as a model in the film Instant Justice.

She is a wonderful example of why bushy women are visually superior to bald ones, anyway.  Sorry Adam Ant, you made the wrong decision!


  1. Very nice!
    BTW, I think I've found a likely unauthorized copy of your blog at

    1. There are lots of copies of my blog - usually acting as click bait for porn sites. Not much I can do (they never enable comments)

  2. I trust you will feature Lindy Benson at some point- a similar beauty, but in my opine hotter than Tessa.