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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tolstoy Venus 2: Lily James

Triple P continues to enjoy the BBC's fabulous looking adaption of War and Peace and there has been a little more sensuality since the first rather chaste episode.  Not so much for Natasha Rostova, as played by the lovely Lily James, however.  She has made up for this by posing for Glamour magazine's March issue (which is on sale next week) in this effectively slinky shot by David Vasiljevic.

We apologise for the lack of posts of late but Triple P's computer hard drive died.  Fortunately, we have all our pictures and writings backed up but we now have the slow job of reinstalling lost programmes (such as for our scanner) and iTunes playlists.  Oddly, reinstalling the scanner software has resulted in scans taking seconds rather than minutes which is good news for magazine pictorials.

Back to normal shortly.


  1. Oh, no! Thank goodness you had your work backed up!

  2. Indeed! Good planning.
    Any chance of featuring more asian lasses? Very few have been profiled sadly!

  3. Check your scanner settings--it is very likely the fast scan times are not due to some miraculously increased efficiency, but that the settings went to default and are not what you had before. You can compare file sizes before and after to check this if you can't remember the previous settings--scan a picture now and compare its size to the same picture from before. This all happened to me, too, and when I reinstalled my scanner software I was back to 300 dpi and very small files.

    On an unrelated note--do you have any blog entries on Joyce Nizzari, who was the December 1958 Playmate of the Month? I recently stumbled across some pictures of her and was captivated by her innocent charm and beauty. She's old enough to have been my babysitter when I was just a toddler; no doubt much prettier than any babysitter I had at that age!

  4. Bart Girls here. I just got the latest Playboy Issue (U.S.) and it was lame. So lame it took me two seconds to unsubscribe. That lame. Thank goodness you're around here.