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Friday, December 4, 2015

Venus on the Cover: Pamela Anderson for the last nude Playboy

Playboy have announced that Pamela Anderson will front the final issue of the magazine featuring nudes.  For Triple P this decision is as strange as having Kate Moss on the front of their sixtieth anniversary edition.  For Hugh Hefner, no doubt, he sees the Photoshopped (she is 48 for heaven's sake - how many hours did it get to make her look like this?), silicone-boosted, bleached blonde as the ideal personification of his perfect woman.

Anderson, these days, has become a visual parody of herself and is a long way from the fresh-faced girl from Vancouver Island whose modelling career began when she was spotted in the crowd by Labatt's beer executives during a BC Lions game in Vancouver.

She made her first appearance on the cover of Playboy in October 1989, in the first of what would be a record breaking thirteen appearances.  The January/February 2016 issue will be her fourteenth.

Playboy February 1990

Five months later and now living in California, she would become Playmate of the Month and land her first acting roles which would lead to 110 episodes of Baywatch from 1992.

Her role as CJ Parker made her one of the most recognised women on the planet although, apart from her lead role on V.I.P., her film and TV career didn't really take off and she mainly just played herself in subsequent years.

Given the recent announcement that both FHM (ironically Anderson features on one of the last covers) and Zoo are ceasing print publication in the UK it does make you wonder what future a nude free Playboy has, given it was starting to look more and more like FHM anyway. “Men’s media habits have continually moved towards mobile and social”, said the publisher of FHM.  This is an example of the new ageism creeping into media, because at 55 years old, even with glasses, I cannot see what is on the screen of a mobile phone or other mobile device.  I need big pages!  It will be interesting to see what happens when today's social media addicted twenty five year olds suddenly find that they can't see what is on their iPhone!

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  1. The "it's the Internet" is just an excuse for "print lost its media monopoly, so since we now have to compete, and we cannot come up with anything that provides a value justification for our inflated prices, and the money marks, I mean Angel Investors, are now gone, we're out of options".

    Are blogs, social media, and ad-heavy web sites crap? You bet! It's frustrating to lose something that used to have the quality to justify its price, but it's hard to come up with a "Unification Theory" as to why print has lost to the Internet. I'm thinking that the bulk of print media, especially newspapers, were really never that good to begin with. When the Internet came along and turned everybody's-got-an-opinion into a commodity, print was exposed as a redundant emperor with no clothes.

    Something with a point of view could still probably make it, but it would take courage, be difficult, and would go against the tide of dumbing down everything. It would also have to be a point of view worth reading, something that Playboy once had, but lost in the mid-90's, when it became a lad mag-wannabe.

    One other interesting under-reported angle involves advertisers and content. Playboy thinks that they will be able to eke out an existence on advertising and content about high-end merchandise, one irritating piece of the "Playboy lifestyle" that's been around since day one. However, you can ask the magazines that are shutting down, or in trouble, about how many of their readers are trying to figure out where to drop $10,000 on a watch...not many. This "aspirational" garbage should have been left in the 1960's.

    And I can tell you, there are about 1,000 middle-aged women I would rather see nude than Pamela Anderson...ugh. I never got her appeal.