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Monday, November 23, 2015

Cheers you up headline Venuses

It's a cold grey afternoon in South East England today but two news items today have lifted our spirit,somewhat.  The first, following our previous post, is this one where "sources" say the imminently ex Strictly Come Dancing star Ola Jordan is being pursued by Playboy.  I doubt this one, even though the prospect is delightful, because no-one in the US knows who she is.  They would also need a lot of Photoshop on her rather age-ravaged face.  She is certainly not the fresh faced sex droplet she was ten years ago, although her body is in good shape.   Fortunately for her, Playboy still uses so much digital enhancement that its models increasingly look like they are carved out of wax.


The Evening Standard theatre awards last night saw a lot of women wearing weather inappropriate outfits just so they could grab a few more column inches in the press today.  Biggest score then goes to Triple P favourite Kelly Brook, who wore a totally inappropriate design for such a windy day and revealed her not very well chosen knickers as a result.  Kelly is obviously going through one of her chunky phases at present.  Not a bad thing at all.


Amongst the desperate skin flashing (Salma Hayek - oh dear), another Triple P favourite looked effortlessly elegant yet saucily revealing at the same time.  Forty-seven year old Gillian Anderson is appearing in the imminent new BBC War & Peace, which looks like it will be well worth watching.


  1. Had a scare over the weekend as none of your blogs were visible in the USA. Message from blogspot indicated that the blogs had been removed, the names no longer available for use. This was true across the entire Triple P spectrum of blogs. Glad to see you are available again, and all seems well.

    -USA viewer

  2. Someone advised me to turn on https settings, which I did. Whether this makes a difference I do not know..

    If blogger does shut them down I have plans to go private with them (which is possible in blogger) so I will put up another Triple P blog with info on how to join/

  3. It wasn't just the USA. I got the same result in the UK. I thought the forces of political correctness had taken you down, or maybe that the copyright police had struck.

    I do wonder how you get away with publishing all these images without collecting DMCA notices.