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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Venus Revealed: The Pubic Wars Part 12 1980 part 4

Playboy was going for a Canadian theme for October 1980 and so had fashion model SJ Fellowes on the cover in Mountie uniform.  There is a popular myth that the rights to depiction of the uniform were sold by an impecunious RCMP to Walt Disney.  A lady RCMP officer once told me that this is not true, however, just that Disney Canada advised the RCMP Foundation (their charity) on running their licensed merchandise operation.  This really is one of the finest depictions of a lady in a uniform that Triple P has ever seen!

The eighties would be the decade of aerobics for women, as more and more of them went to the gym to tone up (or tried to).  Triple P was very struck by the pictorial on bodybuilder Lisa Lyon in the October issue.  She was the same height (just 5'3") as Triple P's girlfriend at the time but the contrast between C's soft, delicate frame and Lisa's sculpted muscles was striking.  C herself thought that Lisa looked very attractive but had a very short and pithy answer when I asked her whether it inspired her to do some weight training.

Lisa Lyon by Helmut Newton

Lyon had won the first ever Women's World Championship Pro Body Building title in Los Angeles the previous year.  She subsequently went on to appear on many talk shows, wrote a book on bodybuilding for women and did a lot to promote the activity.  She posed for Helmut Newton in a series of striking photographs.

Lisa Lyon by Robert Mapplethorpe

She had small parts in three films but her main claim to fame was being the subject of a book, Lady: Lisa Lyon, by photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in 1983.  Unlike, Playboy, who only got her topless, Newton and Mapplethorpe got her to pose completely nude.  Compared with the steroidal monsters of women's bodybuilding today, what a splendid creature she is.  Fit but still feminine.

Playmate Mardi Jacquet was born in France but adopted by American parents.  Across two pages of her Playmate pictorial were these three photographs which, at the time, we found quite some of the most enticing pictures we had seen in Playboy.  They still carry a powerful erotic charge today.

Mardi's pictorial, by Richard Fegley, also had this splendid shot where her sheer knickers barely disguise her bits. We'll see her again as she appeared on the cover of November 1980's Playboy.

When we bought this issue at the start of our second year at university we had no idea, at that point, quite how much Canadian beaver we would eventually experience.  This pictorial, The Girls of Canada, would give us a little taster of the lovely girls to be found in the Dominion.  It would be another fourteen years until our first visit to Canada and the beginning of our wildlife adventure.  Here Karen Patterson displays the only uncovered labia in the issue.  

Oui dealt with their magazine's contents in a novel way by putting them on the very small tee shirt of Care Felix, making her second Oui cover following her May 1979 appearance

Oui's first girl for their October issue was the really rather lovely Allie Tryer photographed by Brian Anderson,   Anderson is a Londoner but for the last twenty years has been based in Los Angeles.  Apart from glamour and fashion work he specialises in travel photography and is particularly known for his use of available light and lack of use of Photoshop.  Oui claimed that Allie was from Chicago but had moved to live in Sicily.

She was a popular model in men's magazines at the time, however, and a lot of her shoots were for UK publications so she may well have actually been British.  It has been impossible to find anything out about her, sadly.  Here she is on the cover of the UK's Whitehouse magazine.

A few months earlier, she appeared in Mayfair's February issue where they claimed she was from Liverpool.

Here she is on the covers of a number of continental magazines from the eighties.  She also, other than Oui, appeared in a number of US magazines such as Game and Gallery but we will look at her pictorials from these in due course later in the Pubic Wars series.

Although she appeared several time in Mayfair many of her pictorials, unlike her Oui one, were of the more explicit variety and she seemed quite happy to put everything on display.  In the UK she tended to be known as Alison rather than Allie.

Oui's centrefold was Karen Densmore, shot by Jeff Dunas.  Oui said that Karen was a makeup artist and had recently finished work on the film Fade to Black (1980).  IMDB does list a Karen Faye who worked as an assiatant makeup artist on this film, which means that if it was her she later became Michael Jackson's makeup artist. 

Increasingly, Oui's third pictorial every month featured recycled or library material and October was no exception.  The pictorial was called Oui's Red Hot Reunion and offered updates on some of the models who had posed in the magazine over the last eight years.  Featured were the likes of Nina Carter and Jilly Johnson but they ran into a bit of trouble with women who had appeared under one name but were now better known under another.  Unlike Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler who had all, at one time, admitted that certain girls had posed under a different name in previous issues, Oui struggled on using the name they had first used.  So here was Joyce Gibson still masquerading under the name of Rinah in the pictorial despite her part in the film The Baltimore Bullet being illustrated, even though she appeared in that under her real name Joyce Mandel. 

For the first time ever Penthouse featured a still from one of its Love Sets on the cover in a shot that looks more like a cover from Amateur Photographer's annual calendar roundup of the time.

There was great excitement at Penthouse over a short, grainy stag film they had obtained which they declared might well be a young Marilyn Monroe before she was famous. They showed pages of stills as evidence.  It was, however, patently obvious that the rather solid woman involved looked only superficially like Marilyn and there has never been any real suggestion that it was her.  It would not be the last time that a Penthouse exclusive turned out to be a case of mistaken identity.

Pet of the Month Kristen Knutsen was a leggy blonde from Sweden who was shown playing with herself in a large proportion of her shots by John Copeland.  We will, unusually for this period, see her again as she appeared in a couple of particularly good Love Sets with her boyfriend, a couple of years later.

The girl/girl set Innocents Abroad, which had featured on the cover, lacked any real passion, although David Schoen did capture this delicious shot of one of the unnamed ladies enjoying a nipple lick.

The previous year Misty Knight (left) and Teri Dolan had appeared in the girl/girl set Cries and Whispers in Penthouse's December 1979 issue.  Here they are again in October's Cheri getting intimate with each other once more.

Club's cover girl Alexandria featured inside as that month's centrefold.  Here she displays her rear aspect to the lens of Paul Raymond publications favourite, RB Kane.

Hustler had striking redhead porn star Lisa De Leeuw guiding her companion's cock in this assertive shot from a Suze Randall pictorial appropriately called Ballgame, in which Lisa was supposed to be a nurse tending to an injured athlete.  He seems to be recovering well. After over a year of rather flaccid appearances in Hustler this returned the magazine's depiction of the penis to where it had been before.

Lisa De Leeuw slaps Maria Tortuga about in the photo accompanying Huistler's review of Plato's the Movie

De Leeuw had been making porn films for just over a year at this point, encouraged by her boyfriend who ran an X-rated movie theatre.  Two of her films, Ultraflesh (1980) (where she memorably takes on a midget) and Plato's the Movie (1980) had been reviewed in the X-rated movie review section of Hustler that very same month.  Strangely, although the review acknowledged that De Leeuw had appeared in a solo set in the March 1980 issue of Hustler it didn't mention her presence in this one.

Suze Randall also photographed that month's Hustler Honey, Pamela, using a James Baes style mirror to light up her pussy.

Bob Veze took on that issue's girl/girl set, Party Favors, which had our ladies catching each other's eyes at a tedious looking cocktail party before slipping upstairs to inspect each other's anuses.

Finally, Melody, gave herself, and the readers, a rare piece of self penetration in front of a jukebox.

With the US presidential elections that month Playboy featured the previous Month's Playmate, Mardi Jacquet, on the cover to highlight their Women of the US Government (at least they realised not to call it Girls of the US Government) pictorial which was the first in the issue.

The problems, needless to say, began as soon as the issue hit the newsstands.  Yeoman Darlene Aubrey (above) was charged with breaking three US Navy regulations and "thereby compromising her effectiveness as a second class petty officer in the United States Navy to the prejudice of good order and discipline."  Echoing previous forces women who had got into trouble for posing, following April 1980's Women of the Armed Forces, she claimed she didn't know it was against regulations.  She told the Washington Post that her superior officer had even signed off on the day's leave she took to pose and that it was common knowledge in her office that she was going to pose for Playboy.  When the Post contacted the US Navy they said that regulations expressly "forbids posing nude or semi-nude for a magazine where the poses (sic) can be identified as a member of the U.S. Navy."  She shouldn't have appeared in uniform and should have used a false name like one of the other women in the pictorial obviously had, when the Post tried and failed to track her down.

 The American Civil Liberties Union declared that they would defend Aubrey in her court martial and here she is with her legal team.  The Navy dropped its misconduct charge and she was honourably discharged from the service.

Poor Yeoman Aubrey was the only one of the women who posed to lose her job, although five had already left their government posts before the issue hit the newsstands.  30 year old Danita Bolden (above) worked at the U.S. Patent Office and hadn't told her colleagues about her appearance in advance.  Her splendid bust ensured she had some of the largest Playboy reader response but reported women at work were giving her hassle.  "When the magazine came out, my supervisors went into an office and had a conference about it," Bolden said. "When they came out, they congratulated me."

Playmate of the Month was Jeana Tomasino who provided this very slightly revealing rear end shot in her pictorial by Richard Fegley. 

It certainly wasn't always the case but the true glory of Tomasino's pictorial was her actual centrefold shot, where she was posed by Fegley (above, taking the shot on the huge plate camera Playboy used for their centrefold pictures) on top of a piano with her beautiful face reflected in a hand mirror. 

Jeana in the video for ZZ Top's Gimme All your Lovin (1983)

Jeana had already appeared on the front cover of Oui back in November 1979 and less than six months later she appeared again fronting Oui's March 1980 issue.  She also had a part in the Playboy financed film The Death of Ocean View Park (1979) and had appeared in a number of TV commercials before her Playboy pictorial.  She had a few more minor film and TV appearances but it was her appearance in a series of ZZ Top videos that really launched her career.

A perky Jeana (centre) in ZZ Top's Sharp Dressed Man

She was initially cast because the director for the ZZ Top videos had just used her in an award winning commercial for jeans.  She was the only girl to appear in all four of the band's first sexy girl videos.

She ended up making around 150 TV commercials and appeared in ten films and around 15 TV appearances including TJ Hooker with William Shatner (above).  She married a major league baseball player and took his name, so now goes under the name of Jeana Keough, even though they are now divorced.

 Jeana in The Real Housewives of Orange County

After bringing up a family Jeana reappeared on reality TV show The Real Housewives of Orange County, which spawned a whole slew of similar programmes which show how bitchy, self-centred and obsessed with looks some women can be.

After leaving the series she took part in a TV weight loss show Thintervention with Jackie Warner in 2010 and lost 25 pounds.

Jeana in 2015

Jeana turned sixty this September and works as a real estate agent in Orange County.  She recently made a guest appearance in the tenth season of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

While Playboy's girls were now largely keeping their bits hidden, the annual Sex in Cinema feature had Christopher Atkins showing all in a still from The Blue Lagoon (1980).

Oui featured Leslie Graves, shot by Philip Dixon, on the cover for November.  This was a comparatively rare case for Oui, at this time, of the centrefold girl fronting the magazine.

Julie Thorson, a Swedish model from Gothenburg, according to Oui, was the subject of the first pictorial.

She appeared in a number of German magazines at the time, of the less explicit sort, although in at least one of them she was described as a student from Paris.  The one thing we can be sure about her is that she was not a natural blonde.

Twenty-one year old centrefold and cover girl Leslie Graves was just 4'11" tall but packed a lot of curves into her body.  Oui said, (accurately, this time) that she had been an actress since she was a child, appearing on stage and on TV in, for example, the first series of Sesame Street and The Mary Tyler Moore show.  

A thirteen year old Graves alongside Larry Hagman in Here we go Again (1973)

She had left Hollywood for three years (reputedly to work on a shrimp boat in Texas with her boyfriend) but this pictorial, by Jean Rougeron, marked her return.  We shall see more of her in 1981.

Another cheap portfolio pictorial finished off November's Oui.  This one featured Latinas (a racial concept we don't have in Britain and which we find rather baffling).  The piece was accompanied by a jovially racist text deploying all the stereotypes that most Americans (the article said) seemed to have about them at the time.  This could be summed up by the line from the piece which described them as "one part Virgin Mary, one part gypsy whore".  Well, at least some of the pictures of (uncredited) women were very nice.  At least one reader wrote in to say it reinforced racial stereotypes but the author of the piece dismissed this saying all the Latina women he spoke to thought it was spot on.  Most of the girls pictures used in the piece had come from Playboy Brazil, Oui later admitted.

Pet of the Year Isabella (or Concetta as her original pictorial had her) Ardigo was on the cover of Penthouse's November issues, photographed, as usual, by Bob Guccione.

Inside, Guccione had her presenting a lot more pussy than she had done in her original pictorial of April 1979.   In fact outtakes from the pictorial (below) show her looking far more uninhibited than she did in her first feature, with a lot of quite graphic self caressing shots (which did not appear in the magazine).

Guccione included his usual self portrait with the Pet of the Year and the tactile pose may have indicated that, perhaps, she was one of his ongoing harem of Pets of the Month who lived in his huge mansion in New York.

Things were not, however, like that at all.  In fact Ardigo would become another in a line of disgruntled Pets of the Year but her unhappiness would be broadcast widely in the press.

In September that year Penthouse organised a huge party to announce the new Pet of the Year at a glittering reception in the Library for the Performing Arts at the Lincoln Centre in New York.  Penthouse didn't stint and invited a thousand guests.  When Ardigo was announced as the winner she stunned Bob Guccione and the audience by declining the honour.  "I have gotten a taste of what it will be like. It is very difficult to have to deal with so many people when you feel and know exactly what their thoughts are behind their eyes."  she said and was promptly escorted off the stage. 

Things got worse for Guccione.  Three days after the ceremony, she sued Penthouse for $4 million and threatened an additional $10 million defamation lawsuit.  The combined lawsuit eventually reached $17 million.  She maintained that she had told Guccione that August that she no longer wanted to be considered for Pet of the Year as it would "ruin her life".  She also said that she had been tricked into going to the Lincoln Centre party and had not been told that she would be announced as Pet of the Year, accusing the magazine of invasion of privacy, fraud and commercial exploitation.

Penthouse Germany described her as Italian that same month

The 5' 11" tall Ardigo, who, rather than being an Italian model from Rome as Penthouse claimed in her 1979 pictorial, was revealed to be Isabel Lanza from Miami (although she did have an apartment in Rome and had modelled for high fashion magazines there), then tried to prevent the sale of the November edition.  However, in mid October when her request was heard in the New York State Supreme Court the judge ruled that it was too late to halt the sale of the 5.6 million copies as they had already hit the newsstands.

As is the case with all models, Ardigo/Lanza had signed a model release form but she claimed that it had been fraudulently altered and that she would never have agreed to it if she had known it was to be for a Pet of the Year pictorial.  She said that the original Penthouse pictorial was "just a job", for which she was paid $4,000, but did not want to be tarred with the Penthouse brush by being Pet of the Year.  "Is there a point when one can stop being a Pet?" she wailed.  She said that she had never agreed to the "primeval idea that I was to be a Penthouse slave girl."

The real issue seemed to be that Ardigo claimed she wasn't told that being Pet of the Year didn't just mean $300,000 in prizes but meant that she would have to commit to working for Penthouse for a year and make a 30 city tour, something she did not want to do.  In her lawsuit she claimed the publication of her photographs in the November 1980 issue was an invasion of privacy. 

A year later the case was heard but State Supreme Court Justice Richard Wallach rejected Ardigo's claim that she had been the "victim of a disgusting fraud".  In fact, he said that if any party was defrauded in was Penthouse.  He said that her actions were 'maliciously calculated to inflict the maximum embarrassment and injury (on the magazine) and ... to generate the widest possible publicity and profit for herself.'  He not only threw out her claim but ordered her to repay Penthouse the $67,767 they had spent on her Pet of the Year reception.

Pet of the Month Betsy Dobson was English, although her real name was Debbie Hanson, it seems.  Although she did other modelling work none of it was published.  This is a shame as she is completely gorgeous and gives us one of Penthouse's most assertive and inviting anal centrefold shots to date to date.  

The final pictorial, by Allan J Walsh, was called Swept Away, a title Penthouse had used before for a girl girl set.  The blonde girl is only known as Lisa but the brunette is an early appearance in Penthouse (she would go on to be Pet of the Month in July 1981) by B movie queen Michelle Bauer.  

In fact, Bauer, at the beginning of her many appearances in men's magazines, would also be the centrefold girl in that month's issue of Genesis.

RB Kane presented another classic Club rear view in the girl they dubbed Francoise, although in fact it is Sharon Sorrentino, who had appeared in Penthouse's June 1980 issue.

November 1980 was the month of the US presidential election, held on the fourth. Hustler also anticipated this with their special political issue,  After Ronald Reagan's win, the increasingly liberal climate in America was about to change.

Nothing political about the raven haired Victoria, shot by Clive McLean, though, just lots of lace in her warmly lit boudoir.  Bob Guccione would have appreciated the carnations.

Curiously, centrefold Dawn, photographed here by Matti Klatt, was a similar looking girl wearing similar looking white stockings in a similarly colour themed layout.  We have seen her before in the September issue of Club.

Hustler risked another interracial boy/girl set with Stud Service where James Baes has a lady and her butler disporting themselves in a splendid interior. 

Playboy was celebrating the twentieth anniversary of its Playboy clubs but, of course, they chose to focus on the Bunny Girl's not the actual clubs.

The fourteen page Bunny extravaganza inside featured many of the Bunnies who had made it to Playmate, including Majken Haugedal (above), who in this shot flashed her fur in a way she couldn't in her Playmate pictorial of October 1968.

Prototypical Californian girl Terri Welles had already fronted Playboy's notorious stewardess issue in May 1980.  It didn't take long for Playboy to line her up as a Playmate, although it was her seventy year old grandfather who eventually talked her into it.  The Playboy cover had kick-started her career and Playboy went along with her on a modelling assignment to Japan to shoot her on location.  The fan is appropriately oriental but does hark back to the random object groin concealing days of the fifties somewhat. She would become the next Playmate of the Year so we will see her again in 1981.

The next pictorial featured Australian born actress Linda Kerridge who had a brief career in films as a Marilyn Monroe look alike.

Finally, Playboy had its annual Sex Stars feature which included this shot of porn star Marilyn Chambers and her famous heart shaped pubic hair.

Oui had Brazilian model Marjorie Andrade on the cover; who had recently moved to the US.

Marjorie had been a top junior model in Brasil but her reception in the US was not what she wanted as she was only 5' 4" tall so none of the top agencies wanted to have anything to do with her.

Fortunately her stunning face more than made up for this and she eventually had a good career shooting for beauty products.

Sabbine Schmidt was the first girl inside and the parsimonious Oui (who were losing money) used some shots from a pictorial by German photographer HW Hesselmann that had already been used in another magazine.

In fact, that other magazine was German Playboy where Sabine, to spell her name correctly (unlike Oui had), had been Playmate of the Month in March 1980.

Oui's centrefold was Jacklyn McQuerry in a very early pictorial by J. Stephen Hicks.  Hicks had been born in Denver Colorado in 1954 and after studying at the University of Colorado moved to Los Angeles where he got a degree in photography from Brooks Institute at the end of the seventies.  He would go on to shoot hundreds of pictorials for the top magazines, notably Penthouse, and would set up a popular website, Digital Dream Girls.  He died unexpectedly in 2013 at the age of 58.

A much more well known photographer at the time was Jean-Pierre Bourgeois who gave us a pictorial of two eighteen year old twins, Marie-Claire and Marie-Claude, on the beach.   Lovely!

Earl Miller's shot of Pet of the Month Ava Monet decorated the cover of Penthouse's last issue of 1980.

Inside, over two years after she appeared as pet of the Month in September 1978, Kate Simmons was announced as Pet of the Year Runner Up in a pictorial by Bob Guccione himself.  Kate was, in reality, British model and singer Felicity Biurski.

Pet of the Month Ava Monet's pictorial by Earl Miller was quite modest by Penthouse's then standards.  Unlike many Pets she would return to the pages of the magazine within a couple of years in a rather more revealing set by Bob Guccione.

Not quite so modest was the subject of Penthouse's third pictorial for December, Marlene Willoughby, who actually has a finger right on her anus in this shot by Pat Hill.

A pre-porn actress card

The 5' 10" tall Willoughby was born in Detroit and raised up in a strict Catholic household and was over thirty at the time of this pictorial.  She played the organ at church as a youngster.  Moving to New York she started acting in off Broadway plays and started conventional film work in 1971.

She moved into soft core work and then hardcore films, making many short loops but also appearing in bigger films such as porn classic Opening of Misty Beethoven (1976), where she played a maid.

In High Society, May 1981

She had a long porn career compared with many, continuing to make erotic films for ten years.  Her first magazine pictorial was in 1976 and she appeared several  times in High Society magazine.

Hustler's pictures for their X-rated film reviews had got a little less explicit over the last few months but in this still Kandi Barbour doesn't quite hide the tip of the gentleman she is gripping.

The first pictorial was a couples one, Queen of the Nile, wherein our demanding monarch selects a slave for some mock copulatory fun.  This particular mock copulatory angle being a new one for Hustler.

Hustler Honey Tipi looked rather bored during her whole pictorial by Suze Randall.  You can tell that she is just thinking about the money.

Clive McLean risked having Kelly Nicholls penetrating herself with her fingertip in this double paged spread.  This was still really at the edge of what was permissible in a newsstand magazine at the time and in the next few years many black dots would appear to cover these sorts of shots.

Matti Klatt's two girl set Breakfast in Bed didn't really work as there was no chemistry beteeen the two girls whatsoever.  they just posed with each other rather than giving any impression that they might be sexually interacting.  This was as passionate as they got.

Finally, for 1980, we have Lisa De Leeuw again in all her russet headed loveliness for Celeb magazine, in its first appearance in the Pubic Wars posts.

So next time we move into 1981.  I have had one commentator who has, rightly, suggested that these posts are not really to do with the story of the Pubic Wars any more and that my earlier more compressed posts were a better read.  What they have become is more a review of some of the ladies who posed in the pictorials but as they still attract tens of thousands of views each (the most popular has so far had more than 55,000 views) so I intend to continue so long as there is interest.  And it's all about the pictures of course...


  1. Great stuff, as always!
    The guy with Lisa De Leeuw in the 'Hustler' layout is Blake Palmer. Fellow "actor" Jerry Butler, describing Blake's..uh..unique member, commented that it looked like he was "circumcised with a potato peeler".

  2. Avid reader of these, please keep them going. 30 years removed from reading these issues in my dad's closet, it's great to see them again.

    1. Thanks for this. Just started on the next one!

  3. Another great entry in your Pubic Wars series! I absolutely agree with your comments about the pictures of Mardi Jacquet; they are very explicit and very sensual at the same time. The same can be said of Lisa Welch's photos from the September 1980 Playboy. I really enjoy viewing explicit and un-retouched photos of the most "girlish" part of a girl's body, especially when done in a very sensual and erotic manner. I also enjoyed seeing the photos of Terri Welles again, who is, in my opinion, one of the most under-appreciated of Playboy's Playmates-of-the-Year. She never got the attention she deserved as a great PMOY. For that matter, Mardi Jacquet never got the attention she deserved, as one of the most beautiful Playmates of the eighties. As you have just started on the next installment of your Pubic Wars blogs, for the first quarter of 1981, I would really appreciate it if you would at least mention the Playboy pictorial of March, 1981, on Ms. Jo Penney. Her pictorial proves that a successful 33 year-old business-lady can still have a smokin' hot body that aroused real lust in my then 16 year-old loins. Just hoping you will mention the pictorial and the sexy Lady...that's all.

  4. Another great entry, Triple P - congratulations! You have been on quite a roll lately. A modest request: You have never featured the truly erotic work of John Copeland (in his P*house work), so why not start with the "utterly gorgeous" (which she certainly is) Betsy Dobson?

  5. Above, you write about a Playboy magazine image which has "Christopher Atkins showing all in a still from The Blue Lagoon (1980)." This scene in the film is staged in a most imaginative way, as regards erotic suggestion, because it can be titled "Brooke Shields makes Christopher Atkins' visible penis go up." An explanation follows.

    The scene begins at the top of a hill, with the couple motionless. Then, as they begin their descent, powered by gravity, the penis is visibly lifted up into the air. A physicist would tell you that with Atkins in an accelerating frame, a "fictitious force" acts on his penis in a direction to lift it. Of course, another reason a penis might pop up is that lovely, totally nude, 15-year-old Brooke Shields has her hands around the penis owner, jamming her admittedly small, but still pubescent, breasts into his bare back. (Would that make the film obscene?) Now, since Brooke's weight is part of the reason the joined couple is accelerating downward, one can surely say that emotions aside, she is certainly a reason his penis is going up. But one is left with the ambiguity of whether it is the ONLY reason for her partner's visible reaction. How very clever of the director!

  6. Surely your many blog readers would be curious to read your reaction to Playboy magazine's recent decision (see ) to "fire its gynaecologists" come March 2016 and formally surrender to the world at large in the Pubic Wars.

    1. My post is here

  7. This is my 1st exposure to the loveliness of Marjorie Andrade and I would say that "evocative" is a more appropriate description of her beauty.
    Are there any nudes of her?

    1. Not that I can find. She did mainly portraits and head and shoulders work because of her size.

    2. That's a shame, and shame on the industry for overlooking so many beautiful women solely because of height.

    3. Found a YouTube video interview -
      If you advance to about 2:20, you can see video of her working out in a blue leotard, but only above mid-thigh.
      My opinion? We wuz robbed

  8. Hustler December 1980 Kandi Barbour I think that is Jessie St. James.