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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Non Centrefold Venus of the Month 22: Melissa, June 1994

We haven't featured many nineteen nineties women in this blog as we tend to prefer pictorials from the seventies and eighties.  We tend to think of the nineties as quite recent but, of course, they aren't!  This very fetching young lady comes from more than twenty years ago, shockingly!  

Melissa, as she was known, appeared in the June 1994 issue of Mayfair magazine.   The Mayfair of the nineties was very different from the magazine first published in August 1965, a few months after Penthouse appeared in Britain.   Originally, published by Brian Fisk it was edited, for several decades by Kenneth Bound and the magazine resisted the trend for increasingly explicit pictures pioneered by Penthouse and Paul Raymond's publications from the mid seventies onwards.

However, in early 1990 Raymond acquired the magazine and it became more explicit, although certainly not as explicit as its US mainstream equivalents.  This pictorial is typical of the level of exposure at the time presenting labia but no anal shots. 

This one features several elements that appeal to Triple P.  Firstly, Melissa herself who is a lovely natural curvy girl with splendidly pouting lips.  There is something of our particular friend S about her!  We also like the Walkman which today, looks incredibly retro.  Triple P acquired the first of many of these more than ten years before this pictorial came out!  Of course after more than thirty years of these and then iPods we have lost a good deal of our hearing acuity, especially in rooms full of people, where we are unable to make out anything anyone is saying!

Secondly, she is wearing a white vest which we find pretty irresistible, especially when she fills it so very nicely.  This is our favourite shot from the pictorial!  Who doesn't like a smiling girl dressed in just a vest?

Thirdly, although she looks like she is wearing stockings they are, in fact, more in the nature of thigh length socks.  We had a girlfriend at college who wore this, long, woolly leg wear,  held up with suspenders.  Such fun on a winter's evening in front of our gas fire!

This is a very simple set up with the only costume addition being this cute hat, for a couple of shots.

The pictorial was shot by French photographer Denys Defrancesco who actually had his first pictorial published in Mayfair in 1981, although it took him another three years to get a second one published.

Defrancesco has a talent for spotting really lovely models and latterly he has been based in Budapest, with another operation in Prague, both of which cities have a particularly high number of very attractive women, as Triple P knows from personal experience.  In fact, he was one of the first people to really showcase Eastern European models, who have now become ubiquitous in men's magazines and on erotic websites.  He discovered girls such as Eve Angel and Sophie Moone, for example.

He was also one of the first photographers to realise the potential of the internet and has been responsible for hundreds of photo sets and videos on his own websites, the first of which he launched in 1999.   All of this is in the future from the point of view of 1994, however!

So we will leave Melissa with a couple of nice rear views.  At a time when Mayfair was full of identikit bleached blondes we like Melissa's brunette locks.  Not a great deal of complexity in these shots (although Defrancesco's lighting is always good) but, like good cooking, the basic ingredients are everything.  A perfect  piece, simply served.

Another lovely nineties Mayfair Venus very soon!


  1. Wow, what a beautiful woman. Great breasts and lips (above and below). A real treat Triple P. G$

  2. This is Ileana Carusio, an Italian model. She used many names (that also might be a fake), but she did most of her work under the fantastic/bizarre 'Super Ramba'!

    1. Are you sure. having looked at pictures of Malu/Ileana I'm not convinced...

    2. Really?? I went 'Ramba!' after seeing the first pic.
      Apart from the other bits, her chin is very distinctive. Also, much like 'Anna Ventura', her weight (pleasantly) fluctuated.

    3. This girl has hazel eyes (Ileana's were brown) and much fuller lips.

  3. Not a comment on this article but have you seen this story:

    The end of an era?

    Final surrender to free nudes on the internet?

    An elaborate joke?