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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Venus: Trick or Treat by Alberto Vargas

It is Halloween today, something that when Triple P was small was not celebrated at all in the UK.   Now, however, while still not as big as it is in the US it is more popular; driven mainly by manufacturers of plastic tat and confectionery, all trying to get a sales boost before Christmas.

A much better boost comes in the shape of this pneumatic Vargas girl from Playboy's October 1963 issue.

You can see our previous Halloween Venuses by Elvgren,  Layne and Petty.


  1. A minor point of correction. While Hallowe'en may not have been celebrated in England, it was a very important event in most parts of central Scotland; indeed one of Stanley Baxter's most famous "Parliamo Glasgow" routines was centred upon a Hallowe'en party.

    1. Ah, interesting! I don't know that but I do remember Stanley Baxter!

  2. It's probably my favorite holiday ;) Brings out the theatrical side of me. And I love seeing all the little kids dressed up when they come trick-or-treating.